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Our success is not only measured by the results we get for our clients.  It is also measured by the way our clients feel about our work. Please take a moment to read the following client reviews to hear what people are saying about the quality of legal representation we provide.

Freeman Law Center LLC BBB Business Review

Freeman Law Center ReviewsI had great confidence in him throughout my entire case. He was very helpful and made it all go smoothly. He is always available and really good at getting back to you when you need to speak to him about any concerns. Everything in my case was handled in a professional and timely manner.

Took all my stress away.

Freeman Law Center ReviewsI am a returning customer, and I must say an extremely satisfied client the 2nd time around. I will definitely continue to use their services as needed. Mr. Freeman is very kind and his staff are very competent. I would recommend them to any one needing a lawyer.

Anyenid Lebron

Freeman Law Center ReviewsMy past experience with unaffordable legal fees and dishonest money hungry attorneys was paralyzing to me when going through the ups and downs of my custody case. Eventually, I decided to take another try at seeking legal representation. I could not have been more pleased with the support, guidance and management of my case. Legal fees were affordable and the advice was clear and to the point. The level of commitment, knowledge and professionalism provided by Mr. Freeman not only brought about the desired outcome of me and my family, the services of Freeman Hughes Freeman also restored my faith in family law.

Leading Professional & Advocate

Freeman Law Center ReviewsI can wholeheartedly recommend Adam to anyone out there seeking help to start over after domestic violence. I found him after speaking to Brian Freeman (of Freeman Hughes Freeman) about my situation and being invited to consult further. I wanted to change my name so I could live safely without necessarily hiding. While I wasn’t sure what could be done to change my name yet preserve my privacy, Adam took my case and represented me with tact and sensitivity. He researched the case law thoroughly, kept me informed via email and text and was ultimately successful in the petition. It isn’t always easy to find help – my domestic violence center wasn’t even sure what to do – but I was in good hands here and appreciate this so much. Highly recommended!

Great advocate!

Freeman Law Center ReviewsMy lawyer was Brian Freeman. He did a much better job than expected. From beginning to end he kept me updated on my case, and always returned my calls when I had a question. The bottom line of my case was much higher than I ever thought. I would strongly recommend Mr. Freeman. He took a small complicated case and did an exceptional job with it. I normally don’t write reviews, but I was so happy with Mr. Freeman I had to take a moment to show my appreciation.

Best Lawyer ever

Freeman Law Center ReviewsAdam was great. He always kept me informed and he listened to what I wanted. He never once told me I needed to settle and in fact he was honest about possible outcomes whichever way I decided to continue with the case. I emailed and called him a lot and he always responded back very quickly. Always available and always very helpful. The results of my case were exactly how I wanted them to be. I would definitely recommend him. He was very professional.

Child/visitation case

Freeman Law Center ReviewsI want to post and made known that Mr. Freeman is a honorable man. I have known this attorney for 24 years. He represented my mother and father Silvia & Carlos Laboy in Orange N.J in and Landlord teanat case. Mr. Freeman went above and beyond to win there case with my parents Landlord. His strive and experience and loyalty to his clients he committed time effort to see Justice done. Mr. Freeman has been A Attorney first and a good friend. His loyalties to his clients I can personally say that during the 24 years I have found my self in situations that I had to call on Mr. Freeman for a consult and he faithfully has always picked up the phone and advised me what I needed to do to putting the law first. I am honored to have met Mr. Freeman he is truly the definition of what a lawyers representation is and should be. Very Pleased. – Jennie O


Freeman Law Center ReviewsVery satisfied with his services!
Mr. Freeman is very professional, honest, informative, and fast.
He’s only handled my case for about 4 or 5 months, but i would definitely recommend him to anyone!


Freeman Law Center ReviewsAdam met my family at the courthouse on the most stressful day I have had in a long time. I had been accused of fleeing the scene of an accident that hadn’t happened. He gave good advice, and, although he has only a year of experience, had the wisdom to ask advice from his colleagues when I asked him a difficult question about a plea deal. In the end, he was able to get the judge to dismiss the case before trial, saving me thousands of dollars and giving me and my family justice and peace of mind. Thanks Freeman, Hughes, Freeman.

Wiseberg wins

Freeman Law Center ReviewsI was recommended to Mr. Freeman by a friend who he previously represented for my divorce and child support. I met with him and his friendly staff at his office in Jersey City. He give me legal advice and he represented me well. His fees were reasonable and I was very happy with the outcome of my case. Throughout the process, he always addressed my questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone

Family matter

Freeman Law Center ReviewsVery straight forward guy who pulled no punches with me and told me like it is. I really appreciated the advice that he gave me about my custody case.

Kara Velez

Freeman Law Center ReviewsAdam paid close attention to my case and made sure I not only understood everything, but had the knowledge to make good decisions as we went along. He is a great balance of personable and professional.

Extremely Helpful

Freeman Law Center ReviewsMr Brian was very helpful in my legal case. He is available and advises whatever is in the best interest.

Kittu Ichimoku

Freeman Law Center ReviewsI’m writing to say that our case, handled by Brian Freeman, was really performed with a high level of professional. Mr. Freeman has extensive knowledgeable of family law. I highly recommend him and I will definitely seek his advice again should the need arise. Many thanks for your great assistance Mr. Freeman!

Ben Ro

Freeman Law Center ReviewsI would strongly recommend Mr. Freeman. He was very helpful from beginning to the end on my case. I had great confidence in him throughout my entire situation. He made it all go smoothly. He answers you about any concerns. he knows what he is doing and very respectful lawyer.


Freeman Law Center ReviewsMy wife and I hired Mr. Freeman for a personal injury case. He communicates and answers questions well without excessive legal terminology. Our case was settled out of court with satisfactory results

Personal Injury

Freeman Law Center ReviewsI found myself in an unbelievable legal situation and I was referred to Mr. Freeman by a VP in my Washington, DC based-organization due to his expertise in New Jersey law codes. My initial impression was that he was of an empathetic nature coupled with direct leadership. He laid out my options, told me the truth, and advised on historic, relevant cases as a form of research and preparation. I am quite curious – so I emailed and called him a lot and I was always greeted warmly and professionally. I never felt like my concerns were trivial or repetitive. I am still very much impressed.

Dexington Bardge

Freeman Law Center ReviewsIm very pleased with adam , he always heard me and over all adviced me and fought for me ..very caring and attentive with me .would always be there no matter what..very pleased wuth my divorced out come.great job adam.

Divorce case

Freeman Law Center ReviewsMr. Freeman is a great person. He is very prompt with returning my calls and answering my questions. He is a easy person to talk too and also he would take the time to explain to me what is going to happen and what is each document is about. I was divorce in less than 3 months thanks to Brian Freeman

Divorce attorney

Freeman Law Center ReviewsThey were the second law firm I’d hired for a divorce case that I had almost given up on. From the start, Adam and his colleagues were confident, reassuring and reasonable. Most important of all, they delivered.

These guys are good!

Freeman Law Center ReviewsIf my case was an example of how Brian’s office does a case he’s got the best law office in jersey city. From the time that I spoke to Deris the office manager to schedule my free consultation and then met with Adam one of the attorneys I knew I was in the right place. I can’t say enough about how good the service was and how professionally my case was handled. Zealous and very competent representation was what I was promised and exactly what I got. I don’t think that I have ever given an online review and I probably would not have written

Aziz Farouk

Freeman Law Center ReviewsAtty freeman is by far the best atty that you can talk to, if you have any question just simply make a call and he really will call you back even for the simplest question that you’re going to ask, very accommodating, knowledgeable .

The best!!!

Freeman Law Center ReviewsBrian represented my family in a landlord(us)/tenant case. He advocated for us in court with positive results. He was professional and personable. During the process, all our questions were answered and emails promptly returned. I would 100% recommend him without any reservations. Thank you Brian!

Landlord/Tenant Case

Freeman Law Center ReviewsI had a recent case and decided to hire representation using a firm I’ve worked with for years now (Freeman Hughes Freeman). Adam was attentive, professional and aggressive in regards to meeting my needs. I appreciate his hard work and I’m definitely satisfied with the final outcome of my case. In addition, I must add that Adam is very personable and down to earth. In my book, that goes hand-in-hand with customer service (which happens to be HUGE to me). He made me feel confident and assured that my legal matters would be taken care of properly and efficiently. Thanks again Adam & take care!

Another Satisfied Client!

Freeman Law Center ReviewsMy lawyer was Brian Freeman. He did a much better job than expected. From beginning to end they kept me updated on my case, and always returned my calls when I had a question. The bottom line of my case was much higher than I ever thought. I would strongly recommend Mr. Freeman and his firm. He took a small complicated case and did an exceptional job with it. I normally don’t write reviews, but I was so happy with Mr. Freeman and his firm I had to take a moment to show my appreciation.

Carlos Suarez

Freeman Law Center ReviewsMr. Freeman did an excellent job in handling my auto accident case. The office is very professional and the staff is very friendly. Every time I call the office to check on the status of my case, my concern was always address. I was very happy with my settlement offer and would definitely recommend this attorney.

Personal Injury case


Freeman Law Center ReviewsThese guys have a great practice going with a skilled and caring staff that truly cared about my wife’s case in the Jersey City court. She was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving and improper passing. She received these tickets in the mail not from a police officer. Thanks to the Freeman office all the tickets was dismissed after two court hearings with no fines.

Jimmy Holmes

Freeman Law Center ReviewsBrian C.Freeman Esq and Freeman &Hugues were hired by me on a Real State matter, their professional services were excellent, highly competent, they are credited and trustworthy ,have a high ethic minded motor on my case. I would definitely suggest their services on situations that we need to be advised ,because knowledge is win,and I am a winner hiring Brian C.Freeman and Freeman and Hugues.

I feel very confident with their services.

Freeman Law Center ReviewsI hired Brian Freeman to represent me in a personal injury case. I was very satisfied with how my case was handled. He has a high level of integrity and experience and I highly recommend Brian Freeman. He operates with excellence. His staff was in constant communication with me on any updates to my personal injury case. He and his staff were always accessible and returned any calls promptly. Brian Freeman is extremely knowledgeable about the law, insurance and medical rights. His staff is also very knowledgeable and pleasant. He communicated what I should expect in every step of the process. I felt that he considered my best interests and acted in such a manner that my best interests would be kept at the forefront. He was very clear and honest about the potential options and outcome of my case. He successfully settled my case with the best outcome and I’m grateful for his knowledge, advice and advocacy.

Extremely satisfied client

Freeman Law Center ReviewsGreat job, I’m very happy! Mr. Freeman was very effective, responsible and professional.

Marina Rossi

Freeman Law Center ReviewsAttorney Brian Freedman is one of the best attorney in his field. Not only is Mr. Freedman knowledgeable of the law, he connects with you at a personal level. While other attorney see most of their clients as money, Mr. Freedman sympathizes with each of his clients unique cases and he will fight hard to bring justice. With Mr. Freedman as your attorney and his winning office staff to back him up, you’ll know you have made the right choice. A decision you will not regret!

Oscar Torres

Freeman Law Center ReviewsAdam Wiseberg for one is an understanding an a real patient person. He listens with the intent to understand rather than most who listen with the intent to reply.. Adam has represented me in an accused case of domestic violence an a TRO case. It went absolutely great an it was all dismissed.. Adam an I went in with our heads up an stated our case. The guy knows his laws an understands how the court systems work. Till this day by far the best ive seen.. His firm is real nice an very welcoming. Top notch attorney an will do all he can in his power to make it a better day.. Thank you Adam an his firm Freeman Hughes Freeman LLC.

DV case and TRO

Freeman Law Center ReviewsThat Brian Freeman is very personable is quite clear when you meet him. But more than that he is professional and precise in how he handles your case. I have been a client since 2005 and intend to be one anytime that I have a legal problem

Jamie Ruiz

Freeman Law Center ReviewsI recently hired Freeman Hughes Freemam, LLC to assist me in a family-divorce matter. Brian made this process seamless. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is involved in a complicated civil matter. He was able to save me a lot of money without having to go through the expense of a costly litigation.
High communication ability, Excellent quality of service, and good value for money

Specialized with wonderful results

Freeman Law Center ReviewsDuring trouble times it is good to have friend who you can count on and I found that friend and counselor in Brian Freeman. He gave me a hundred and ten percent in my case and his time, effort and knowledge paid off for me. If I could only have known about him years ago my life might be very different. I stayed in a bad marriage far to long because I feared losing my kids and paying alimony and being in a desperate state. Brian showed me the way to living without fear of the courts and judges. I can’t express how grateful I am for what he did for me.

Anthony Farize

Freeman Law Center ReviewsBrian and Adam are a great team and were able to get me divorce with no problem and no worries. It was as good as a divorce could go and considering what I was facing in alimony and child support I feel like I made out great.
I highly recommend this office but they are expensive but well worth the money that I spent and I would use them again.

Fred Thomas

Freeman Law Center Reviews

Got 3 tickets for abandoned vehicle because tolling company tolled car away (all parking tickets were paid but somebody broke into through rear window).
So car was never operated with all mentioned violations, it was parked there before license/insurance were expired.
1. driving with no insurance
2. abandoned vehicle
3. driving with expired license.

All tickets were dismissed. Thank you, Adam!!!

Mikhail Babitsky’s case

Freeman Law Center ReviewsMr. Freeman and Attorney Adam Wiseberg were very helpful in my custody case. They were essential to the case going in my favor and I could not have accomplished this without help and legal representation. They made me feel confident and supported. Adam was always available to take my calls or emails and explained everything step by step. I am forever grateful for the work they did and I know if I have any other issues in future they will be there to take my call and lend me whatever assistance I need. I highly recommend them.

Erin Prendergast