3 Common Marital Asset Questions

If you are getting a divorce and have questions about assets, read these 3 common marital asset questions for guidance. Then, call us today.

3 Common Marital Asset QuestionsSpouse Hiding Assets

One question I’m frequently asked is, “What if I believe that my spouse is hiding assets?” That can be a very serious situation, particularly if you believe that the lifestyle of the marriage was such that your spouse – based on the income they’re now claiming to earn – could not possibly have been able to sustain the lifestyle of the marriage. You will probably need to have some investigation done to learn whether your spouse possesses other assets that have not been disclosed.

Locating Your Spouse’s Assets

  • Both parties are required to do an asset search, this also reviews out of state and country assets.

Division of Assets

  • Because New Jersey is an equitable distribution state, anything you and your spouse acquire during the marriage can be split in half.

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