4 Common Child Custody Questions

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4 Common Child Custody QuestionsDoes Family Court Favor the Mother?

Many of my male clients ask me, “What are my chances, realistically, of having more parenting time than the child’s mother wants to allow?” or “What about having custody of the children?” Over the last 10 to 15 years, the law has changed considerably. Whereas, previously, the mother was nearly always presumed to be the parent of residence for the children, today, that perspective has changed significantly. While the mother is still very likely to be the parent of primary residence, that number is currently approaching 50/50. I’ve had many cases in which the father has been able to become the parent of primary residence – the place where the child stays in the majority of time.

Many factors must be considered. One is the location of the two parties. If the parties live down the street from each other, the non-custodial parent will have a lot more parenting time. On the other hand, if the parties live several towns apart, that time will be less. If one of the parties lives out-of-state, there will be far less parenting time for the other parent, just because of geographics that don’t lend themselves to joint residential sharing of the children or parenting time.

What Do I Do if I am Unhappy with my Current Parenting Time Order?

  • You will need to go to the courthouse, and file a motion with the judge to request more visitation.

How Can Drug/Alcohol Use Affect Parenting Time?

  • If a parent is dealing with addiction or anger issues, these matters must be brought up to the court in a motion to correct the problem.

How Does Splitting College Education Costs Work?

  • The child is required to exhaust any scholarships, grants or student loans first.
  • If contribution is needed for college, the amount would be in proportion to each of the parents finances.

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