Changing Names

Changing Names Experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorneys LawyersChanging names may seem like a daunting task. After reading this article, contact our New Jersey divorce attorneys to get started today. On top of having to go through the process, you may be feeling some sadness or anxiety because of this change. Other times, it can be an exciting and liberating process. Here is some information about changing names following a divorce for you to read in the meantime.

Resuming the Use of Your Maiden Name After Divorce

In New Jersey, where a spouse seeks to resume the use of her maiden name, so long as she is able to prove that she is not changing the name to avoid creditors, or bankruptcy, or criminal charges, generally speaking, you will be allowed to resume the use of your maiden name.

Changing Your Child’s Name to Match Yours

If you’re looking to get a name change in New Jersey or you’re looking to have your child’s name changed in New Jersey, there’s several things you have to know. First, if you’re looking to get a name changed due to a divorce, you don’t need to file a separate proceeding. You can do that all through the divorce order.

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However, if you or your child is looking to get their name changed for any other reason, you have to do a separate name-change proceeding. Within that name-change proceeding, we would file the complaint; you’d have to have that order published; then you’d go back for a final hearing, where that order would be published; and then you’d send a letter to the treasury; and your name would officially be changed. If you want to have your name changed or your child’s name changed, feel free to call us anytime.

If you are changing names whether it is your own or your child’s name, please contact New Jersey divorce attorney Brian Freeman for trusty navigation through this legal process.