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Managing Divorce Process

The Best Way to Manage the Divorce Process

In this video, Attorney Brian Freeman discusses the best way to manage the divorce process.  Contact one of our experienced Jersey City divorce attorneys  to guide you through the process.

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Many clients will ask, “How do I cope with this divorce? How do I make it a process that is not going to send me into a depression; something that I can try and reasonably get through without a whole lot of stress and emotional distress and worry?” The best way I’ve found is to be prepared. The best approach to that is to map out all the assets of the marriage. Have all your bank statements, checking accounts, proof of income, and pension records available. In terms of children, obviously there are quite a few different issues, particularly if you’re fighting over issues of custody and parenting time. When it comes to the financial issues, you can certainly limit your emotional distress by being prepared and gathering all the records needed to properly evaluate the financial situation.

Download Our Free Divorce Guide

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