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5 Matthew Basirico via

Brian and his team did an amazing job helping me with my daughter. I truly appreciate their help. They will do everything in their power to help you and your family situation and will always be completely transparent in their approach and expected outcome. Thanks again Brian for giving my daughter her dad back!

5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman is a very nice person. I called with questions. He was very willing to help answer my questions and refer me to a person that can assist me more. As I told him I APPRECIATE HIM. He really took his time to explain and provided outstanding service. I can tell he cared about my situation and genuinely wanted to help without even knowing me. I would highly recommend him on the fact that he cares. That means a lot when you are searching for help. Thank you Mr. Freeman.

5 Frances N. via

Mr,Freeman Has been nothing but great to me.. My case was a ongoing problem ..Not only did he help me solve my case,He has still continues to answer any legal questions I may have..Without any pressure to work with him ..Couldn’t ask for a better attorney.

5 Kenneth Tucker via

I recommend Brian Freeman to all my friends who are going through divorce or separation. Mr. Freeman is precisely what a husband/wife needs for a divorce. He Is highly intelligent, creative, personable and able to get anyone out of the most outrageous mess that divorce can bring. I had a very complex custodial legal issues. Mr. Freeman knows the law “cold”. He’s a seasoned Knowledgeable attorney and is a “pit bull” in the court room and will have other lawyers opposing you scampering around to find their bearings. Brian was so good in my divorce proceedings that I hired him as my primary attorney for my second divorce that had the complexity of a prenuptial agreement to which he negotiated through to my benefit. I am so grateful for the amazing advice and service that I was given during a very stressful and emotional time in my life. If you want an attorney who is going to win and not break your bank then call Brian, You can’t go wrong with this attorney.

Thanks Mr. Freeman!

5 Cliff Zacky via


5 Frances N. via

Mr Freeman is an outstanding and talented.  He is a distinguished and very talented NJ attorney.

I had a very serious and potentially  critical  case that was very time sensitive and Mr Freeman was attentive to my concerns and fears.  He was patient and very responsive to seeing  my concerns and questions were met before he was retained.  Unlike three other attorney’s Mr Freeman was not try to sign me up but was quick to resolve my issues in less than a week.

He has over 30 years experience it was evident as he interfaced with the judge, prosecutor and other indiv6in the Hudson County courts regarding my case.

I felt like I had a laser beam (Mr Freeman) with me at the kinfe fight in court.

If you need an outstanding attorney in Hudson County Mr Freeman  is the attorney.

While meeting with him the afternoon of my first call I was amazed at the platitudes and legal commendation s displayed in his office.

I am so grateful and appreciative of Mr Freeman.  If you need the best legal counsel please seek out Mr Freeman.

5 Mary via

I got a lot of tickets. I was driving and the other guy hit my car into a parked car with people in it. The cops were unfair to me because I didn’t do anything.

Mike went to court with me and I got no points. I only got a small fine and Mike got me months to pay. He did great and stood up for me when the other people tried to blame everything on me.

5 Cathy I. via

I wish there were 10 stars …
That’s what Mr Brian Freeman &-his staff deserve.  After being with another Attorney for almost 2-yrs,  Mr Freeman came very highly recommended.  My cases was settled within months and I was more than satisfied.  I will be using Freeman law in the future with my business & highly recommend.

5 Mercy S via

Awesome customer service with detailed approach to service, I would really suggest freeman law services for any legal service being provided.

5 Poresh via

My girlfriend got a restraining order against me when she lied to the cops about me. She said I hit her but I never did. I called Mike and he went to court with me. He got the case thrown out even before seeing the judge. He talked to my girlfriend’s lawyer and made sure that the charges were dropped. I got all my stuff back that was at her apartment and I’ll never have to see her again. Good work.

5 Elliot Rivera via

Very good attorney who listened to me and made my child custody case come out really well. I am very appreciative of how he handled the case and thanks to him my daughter is safe with me and her sister. I don’t know how things would have worked out without Brian and Cindi’s help, she is the best paralegal ever. I highly recommend Brian’s office they are the best.

5 John K. via

Because of my job, I plan everything and try to mitigate all the risks. It might sometime seem that he is not paying attention; but thats not true. He keeps calm, and all his case filings are on time. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and does address all the concerns. He does communicate in a very timely manner and his staff is amazing. He has helped me deal with a rather complicated multi-state divorce and child custody. Compared to the opposing counsel (and that is all I compare to), he is absolutely very strong. I interviewed multiple attorneys before hiring him; but he is genuine even after taking the case.

5 Ramona via

Adam made sure my case was handled and settled. He took the time to answered all my questions and give advice that made sense. For the past 10 years, my life was surrounded by fear of standing up to my daughter’s father regarding Child Custody relocation. The day I walked into Adams office for my consultation, I left knowing that he was going to represent me. That was it. As of today, I finally walked away with no fear, satisfied and feeling like a winner. Could not have asked for a better attorney. I put all my faith into Adam and the freeman’s law firm, and only excellence was delivered.

5 Fred Thomas via

Brian and Adam are a great team and were able to get me divorce with no problem and no worries. It was as good as a divorce could go and considering what I was facing in alimony and child support I feel like I made out great. I highly recommend this office but they are expensive but well worth the money that I spent and I would use them again.

5 A J. via

Brian Freeman’s commitment to his clients is amazing. When I initially came to him, I just wanted my landlord to pay a portion of my PSEG bill because I was paying the heat/hot water for the illegal apartment below mine. After Mr Freeman spoke with me, he discovered several violations my landlord had committed. My case went from me wanting the landlord to split the PSEG bill to a case involving consumer fraud, a violation of landlord/tenant law regarding security deposits, and damages!

I appreciate the fact that he took time to explain everything to me thoroughly. He was honest about what we could do, what we couldn’t, and what the possible outcomes were. I never felt like I didn’t know what was happening.

He represented me in landlord/tenant court and in my civil case against my landlord. We won the landlord/tenant case and reached a settlement in the civil case. Mr. Freeman was flawless in court. He argued my case effectively and confidently. Never once did I feel like he didn’t have my best interest at heart.

The staff at the office is amazing as well. The moment you walk in the door, you’re greeted. None of his staff appears stressed or unhappy. Everyone is smiling and helpful. Clearly, Mr. Freeman spreads his legal knowledge throughout his staff as they are all knowledgeable and do the most they can to help clients so they aren’t waiting long. Special thanks to Mr. Ron Johnson who was able to assist me any time Mr. Freeman was unavailable.

As far as price, I think his fees are reasonable. The service I received was well worth  it.

While I know that attorneys don’t always win, I’d bet Mr. Freeman’s scorecard reflects far more wins than losses. I would definitely refer business to him and he will always be the first attorney I call.

5 Rajesh via

Mr. Cicala came to court with me when the mother of my son brought me into court for child support. I hadn’t seen my son in almost 14 years because his mother was so difficult. Mr. Cicala got the judge to order visitation and got a really low child support amount too. He knew my case and argued great on my behalf. I’ll use him again if I ever have to go back on this case or any other ones.

5 John Egar via

Since day one from the consultation to the finalization of my divorce the Freeman Law Center have been the ultimate professionals. Attorney Brian Freeman was extraordinary and his office Manager Deris Aragon was very helpful and personal with all of my concerns and all the staff members. I highly recommend this office for any family law legal matters.

5 Phil via

I had a problem tenant that I rented to for onot a few months. This guy decided he wasn’t going to pay anymore but refused to move out. He was also trashing my property so I called Mr. Cicala.

Mike filed against my tenant quickly and we got a court date. The tenant was very difficult in court but Mike handled it professionally and with ease.

I finally got the tenant out and even got some of my back rent paid. Mike did a good job and I’d hire him again if I need to evict someone.

5 Jorge Ojeda via

I would highly recommend the Freeman Law Center. My case was handled in a proffessional and timely matter and the results were a lot better then I expected.

5 anonymous via

I consulted with Mr. Freemen when someone was staying in my house and refused to leave. Mr. Freeman helped me understand the key legal points, and directed me to where I could find necessary forms online.

5 Chris Smith via

Brian Freeman always makes sure his clients leave satisfied and happy. Thank You Brian for your great work and communication. I will refer all my friends to your office

5 James via

Mr. Cicala represented me on a restraining order hearing in Essex County. This was an incredibly complex trial that took 3 days to complete. He was prepared at all times and did a great job cross-examining witnesses to defend me against fake claims. He was very familiar with all the details of my case and proved that the claims against me were made up…

5 Jimmy Holmes via

These guys have a great practice going with a skilled and caring staff that truly cared about my wife’s case in the Jersey City court. She was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving and improper passing. She received these tickets in the mail not from a police officer. Thanks to the Freeman office all the tickets was dismissed after two court hearings with no fines.

5 Benjamin Feliciano via

Excellent service…

5 Aleddin via

Mike helped us with the sale of our home. He explained the process along the way and was clear in his communications and expectations. While this was a stressful time for us (moving with a 2 year old), Mike alleviated our concerns. We closed on-time and had a great experience. We would recommend him to anyone looking to do the same.

5 ALioninTheWinter via


5 Arie via

Adam Brown represented me in family court as my lawyer. At first, I was a little nervous because he was a male and thought he would not fully understand my stressed as a mother, and an ex-wife, of a man who tries the beat the court with all his tricks. I was wrong! Adam fought hard for me and my children resulting in a positive out come of our case. Trust Adam because he is compassionate and understands the law.

5 Low Key Green via

In my honest opinion there is no better lawyer in jersey than Mr. Brain Freeman…. Actually it’s not an opinion he IS hands down the best lawyer in jersey

5 Julio M via

The FREEMAN LAW CENTER helped me resolve the difficult legal issues i was having with my ex-wife! I STROMGLY RECOMMEND THE FREEMAN CENTER LAW CENTER FOR ANY DIFFICULT DIVORCE, CHILD CUSTODY CASE! IM FEELING ALOT better NOW that my case is resolved! THANK YOU SO MUCH Freeman Law Center!

5 AdorableSouls1111 via

I’ve have known Mr. Freeman for over 20 years and he will continue to be my #1 person when seeking legal council. He is honest, fair and he will provide excellent services when representing you in your case. I highly recommend him to all my family and friends.

5 anonymous via

Thanks to Mr. Freeman for exceptional job on my case.
Also thanks to the office manager Deris Aragon that we very helpful providing answer to all my question.

5 Jason Smith via

This was my first time hiring a lawyer so I was a little hesitant at first but Mr. Freeman and his team were great. I have no complaints at all. I highly recommend them.

5 Brian via

Mr. Cicala prepared a will for my wife and I. He got the work done quickly and we’re very satisfied with what he produced.

5 Sheila Lopez via

I tell you that I was one happy customer with the fine job that Brian did for me in traffic court. You can believe his reviews because he is the best and really good.

5 Ashish Narayan via

Mr Brian Freeman represented me and I am extremely happy with his services. He was knowledgeable, attentive and also, knows what he was doing. I like to give him 5 stars for his work.

5 Anonymous via

Mr. Cicala handled a real estate transaction for me and my wife. It was a difficult process with getting the mortgage and finalizing the documents, but he made it much easier. Great service.

5 Shai, Brown via

The staff as well as the legal team are very efficient and professional. Most importantly, they articulate all sides of the spectrum; as a result, I was able to make an informed decision.

5 John via

Adam repped me for a traffic matter on behalf of the Freeman Law Center. He was professional, kind and immediately put me at ease (It was my first time and I was very nervous). He was calm, well prepared, and (this might not matter) more polished than most of the ‘seasoned’ attorneys in court. Courtroom are never fun places but Adam’s care and skill made it much smoother than I thought. Thank you!!

5 Kara Velez via

Very straight forward guy who pulled no punches with me and told me like it is. I really appreciated the advice that he gave me about my custody case

5 Kenny Anderson via


5 anonymous via

I hired Mike several years ago for my divorce case and I can’t praise his work enough, he was very understanding of my situation in life and put things into perspective for me, as I clearly was not in the right state of mind at the time to think logically on my own. Not only did he help me financially, but he also helped me put on my man boots and understand my life situation. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of his work and predicted word for word what my ex-wife’s attorney was going to say in court. In my opinion his experience made this process a lot smother than if I was to hire someone else. Thank you for your kindness Michael Cicala!!!

5 Sally K via


5 Suresh via

Mr. Brian C Freeman represented me, he and his staff is very dependable. He is very fare when it comes to legal fees. He is very practical and cost effective attorney. He gets to the point and resolves the issues in the court.
I highly recommend his legal services. Once again I thank him for his kindness and cooperation.

5 Cliff Zacky via

Very thoughtful and hard working team that Mr B has put together and it shows in the results that they got for me in my case. I was always in the loop of what was going on in the case and my emails and calls were returned or responded to by at least the next day. The cost was not cheap but I was satisfied that I got what I paid for and more. It is so important that people are friendly and not like unemotional robots when you speak to them on the phone and his staff was all that. I can’t say enough about Deris, Alba and Cindy who let me know that they really cared about me as a person not just a paying client. I never felt like I was bothering them no matter how much I called or how many questions I had.
Brian was a pleasure to be with in court as he clearly knows everybody from the court staff, judges, lawyers to the maintenance people. It seemed like everyone spoke to him and respected him. The bottom line is that he got the job done and done well. I will not hesitate to refer all my friends and family who have issues in the family court to Brian. Because of him I am in my kids life and not just a every other weekend dad.

5 Michele via

My husband and I have used Michael for multiple house closings. The latest sale of our permanent home for a vacation home was handled smoothly without causing any of the usual stress associated with selling and purchasing homes. Michael even drove to South Jersey for the close without adding any additional billing. Prior to the real estate close he successfully represented me for a traffic ticket. I was cleared of all violations. Michael has also offered countless phone consultations which to me have demonstrated he has a vast legal knowledge base. I have referred Michael to friends for estate planning, guardianship issues and real estate law issues.

5 Jamie Ruiz via

That Brian Freeman is very personable is quite clear when you meet him. But more than that he is professional and precise in how he handles your case. I have been a client since 2005 and intend to be one anytime that I have a legal problem.

5 Steve Johnson via

This office handled my case with great care and professionalism. I appreciate their communication and willingness to serve. Brian Freeman is a great attorney, who will make sure you are happy.

5 Alexis via

Michael Cicala represented me on a real estate closing for my first house. Michael and his knowledgeable office manager/legal assistant guided me through the entire process answering all of my countless questions. His knowledge and professionalism was evident when he was working with the real estate agent and responding to her pressure due to the complex process in obtaining a mortgage.
I returned to use Michael’s services to obtain a will and have recommended him to friends and family.

5 ARNOLD Gainey via

My biggest concerned was to get Divorce my 10th year anniversary. The service is satisfactory in all levels. I recommend this Law Firm

5 Evenny via

A great lawyer! He was very helpful and knowledgeable! He handled the case very well! I’m happy I chose Mr.Freeman to represent me.

5 Ian Ellison via

Excellent litigation tactics versus business that scam unsuspecting people

5 Brian Walton via

Brian Freeman has helped me with various legal issues for over 20 years. You can count on him to get the job done and done well.

5 Ronald via

I hired this lawyer to handle a divorce after consulting with some other attorneys. He knew what he was talking about and wasn’t looking to run up my bill by fighting over stuff that wasn’t important but still protected my interests. He made the divorce process easier for me and got me out of a bad situation. He was quick to respond to my phone calls even when he was out of his office regardless of what time I called. We had a good working relationship.

5 Laurel H via

My attorney and office staff were very responsive, polite and professional.

5 Marc DePoe via

Brian Freeman and his associates are knowledgeable and professional. Mr. Freeman has a no-nonsense,
composed approach, managed expectations well and was responsive throughout the process.

5 anonymous via

I hired Atty. Brown for my outgoing parenting/visitation/child support modification hearing at Passaic County and I was surprise w/ Atty. Brown’s legal representation. He is exactly what you want when fighting for your child’s well being and legal rights, he is there to represent you and not to make peace treaties w/ the adversary as many other Attorneys do. He is smart, respectful but ready to fight for his clients. He won my case and got for my son and I what a different attorney failed to do for me back in 2016.

5 Jay Jones via

Great law firm I have them handle my own cases, and cases of all my friends.

5 Nohelia Rodriguez via

Highly recommend Mr. Freeman and his team. It was my first time hiring a lawyer and I couldn’t be happier. I was nervous and and had doubts about the outcome. He listened to my concerns and got me custody of my niece. I was very nervous and scared but he was always positive and always had answers to all of my questions.I would highly recommend him. Thank you so much our family appreciate everything you did for us.

5 Ledia Elraheb via

I was beyond blessed the day I went to see Mr BRIAN FREEMAN as my WC claim being handled by another attorney prior to me finding him was just about to end with such unfair and unfavorable outcome. Mr. FREEMAN was beyond kind caring and compassionate as he quickly took on my case with his associate Mr Marciano Topaz and they’d brought the justice I was very much hoping for and expecting to receive,.. They’d gotten me FAR more than I’d ever thought or expected and I just truly could not have found a better team here in the Jersey City area.. I thank God for the tremendous and help they were, and am thrilled to have finally found GOOD attorney for life,..who would take up my cause and fight for what’s right

5 Adam Brown via


5 Jonatan Santos via

excellent service. Thank you

5 Raymond via

He helped me win my case in a professional, dignified way.

5 Mohammad M via

From the beginning of the case I expected the attorney and his team to have experience in family law cases. The FREEMAN LAW CENTER, didn’t let me down and were on the top of my expectations. The attorney BRIAN C. FREEMAN AND ADAM BROWN are exceptional attorneys.The manager Deris Aragon help throughout the case, she always had an answer to any of my concerns, she is the best.

5 Liga Sosa via


5 Christy via

Attorney Brian Freeman provided professional and courteous legal advice and service. He went above and beyond to assist me. Attorney Freeman returned all calls in a timely manner and answered all questions in a clear manner.

5 Randy Faiella via

I wouldn’t trust my personal matters with any other firm, Brian has been in the business a long time and commands respect and I feel the upmost confidence with him and his firm on my side. They have represented me on multiple different types of legal matters and I would recommend them to anyone seeking counsel.

5 Immacula Pognon via

That was a really great experience, on my first time of custody. Thank you.

5 Saleem Smith via


5 Megan via

Brian and his team did an exceptional job. They were professional and efficient. Brian’s knowledge and expertise is exactly what I needed in an attorney. Highly recommended!

5 katheryn via

I am highly satisfied with Mr.Brown services. He took my case, when I thought I was helpless. He was very professional and never doubt that my case would have a positive outcome. My case was a bit complicated yet he gave me all the confidence I needed to walk into that court room and win my case. I am very thankful and grateful with Mr. Brown , for taking my case with the most professionalism. Thank you Mr.Brown for your patience and legal assistance. I highly recommend Mr.Brown and I will hire him again without any doubt if I ever need legal assistance again.
**Once again Thank you!

5 Victor S via

They did a great job

5 Juanita Molina via


5 R Roa via

I reached out to Mr. Freeman earlier this year to seek a consultation. After our first meeting I felt very comfortable and confident in having him represent me. Mr. Freeman was very honest and forthright with me throughout every step of the legal process. There were areas that I did not want to address in my motion and he counseled me to address them because long term, they would be beneficial for myself and my sons. I appreciated his honesty and professionalism even though it was hard for me to accept at times. I trust him and his amazing team. They didn’t let me down. CINDY IS AMAZING!! The team at Freeman Law Center are very professional and knowledgeable and I have no qualms recommending them for any legal representation needs one may have.

5 Daniel via

Helped me with my matter 100%. Answered all my questions and gave me the best possible advice. Definitely someone I would hire if needed.

5 Henry Smalls via

Freeman Law Center have been the ultimate professionals. They remained informative, helpful and responsive the entire time. I can always count on this team whenever I am in need of legal assistance! Thanks Freeman Law Center for your hard work and dedication!

5 Holly Rivera via


5 anonymous via

Mr. Brown represented me in a custody hearing in Hudson County, NJ. Mr. Brown was very thorough in his knowledge of my case and laws pertaining to my case. He helped me mediate with the other individual involved with minimal aggravation. I appreciate the time spent and would highly recommended him.

5 Devika Basdeo via

Mr. Freeman and his team are nothing but AMAZING. Mr. Freeman is very professional and knowledgeable. He tries his best to give you the best possible outcome you can get in any type of matter you have. I highly recommend them for all of your needs. Thank you Freeman Law Center!

5 Chris J via

Handled my case quickly and at an affordable price from other quotes obtained

5 Amit Keer via


5 Matthew via

You can never be sure when you choose a lawyer if you are making the right decision until the case is done. I can say that I absolutely made the right decision when I retained the freeman law firm. This is a truly special firm where I was treated like I was the most important client. There is not even as question as to whether I would tell anyone else to use them, they are A+.

5 Wesley Tse via

I received quick legal advice from Mr Freeman for a landlord tenant relations issue. I will definitely contact him again for future inquiries for landlord tenant issues.

5 Loraine Zeno via


5 Habeza via

I don’t know to express my gratitude for the legal services that I was provided by the Freeman group in my very complicated custody case. Never once despite my many questions did I ever feel like they were bothered by me. I always felt like my concerns were important and all my calls or emails were answered the same day or the next day at the latest. It was like the whole office knew me and my case and just how important to me it was. I will always be grateful for the effort that was put into my case and will always recommend them to any family and friends.

5 Julian Singletary via

Attorney Freeman handled my case with professionalism. I recommend him to all my associates. Thank you Freeman Law Center!

5 Princess S. via

With the help of the FREEMAN law firn,my case was settled and my expectation was met.

5 Tavia La Costa via


5 Sonia via

I am very pleased with Mr.Brown’s service on my case. He took the time to answer all my questions and the case had a superb outcome..I would highly recommend Mr. Brown

5 Kimi Freeman via

Brian and Adam handled my child support and custody case and did a great job. I was very nervous and scared about what to expect in court but Brian did what he said he would do and everything came out good. He was referred to me by my cousin who was represented by Brian for his divorce. I am so glad that i followed his recommendation and will also recommend him to my friends and family. If you need a lawyer go talk to Brian Freeman he will do you right.

5 Raul Viza via


5 Talal via

The Firm was very professional, gave me realistic expectations and were very easy and available for me to get in contact with to address any concerns I had.

5 Rohin Bepat via

I had a situation with tenants not paying rent for 3 months. I wanted to get them out and Brian suggested the proper course of action. The actual results of the case and every step after that went exactly the way he explained it and in about 1.5 month of filing the complaint. He and his team were very prompt in responding to my emails and phone calls. One example is where Brian responded via phone to a question I had on a Saturday, when the office is closed, within a hour of sending the question to his online chat team.

Brian knows the law well and seems to know most people at the court house. I consider this combination to be a major plus.

The officer who carried out the eviction commented that he thinks Brian is one of the best in the area. There it goes, two positive feedback from a satisfied client and constable in 1 review.

5 Mit P via

Respectful, knowledgeable, understanding, efficient, the list goes on and on. I’ve hired other attorneries, but this the only firm I return to for my legal services

5 Shelly Alves via


5 anonymous via

Mr Brown provided exceptional legal services for me during my legal battle. He was timely, thorough, knowledgeable and provided a great deal of support and expertise. I certainly could not have managed my case on my own and fortunately he knew what to focus on and guided me through the process, step by step. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation.

5 Michael Lyra via

Down to the consultation, excellent service all the way!

5 Kerm Padue via


5 George Wicks via

Brian Freeman has went “Above wnd Beyond” the call of duty for me. He handled my divorce with understanding and compassion. He was very concerned with my needs. He was professional and he got me a favorable decision that I could live with. As a matter of fact; He helped save my life when I was sick and needed help. He is a great divorce lawyer who cares about his clients.

5 Jessica Rosado via

Very good lawyer and fast for paper work thanks Freeman

5 Lexy C via

I highly recommend Mr. Freeman and his staff. They are excellent

5 Tia Rose via


5 Marco via

I feel grateful that I found Ms. Brown to lead me in getting custody of my daughter . He was very professional, fast on responding to all my questions (and I had a lot) and knowledgeable. His advice was invaluable. I highly recommend Ms. Brown for a wonderful job he does.

5 Thomas Stephenson via

Mr. Freeman and his staff at the Freeman Law Center provided outstanding counsel during my divorce proceedings. They were professional, courteous, and willing to work within my tight deadline requirements. I felt my interests were well represented during every phase of the process. I highly recommend Mr. Freeman and the Freeman Law Center to anyone considering or going through a divorce.

5 Guttierez Paola via


5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman’s Law firm has been nothing but a big relief to me and my family. I currently reside out of state (Florida) and was informed that I had a week to respond to a motion that was sent to me by my ex husband wanting to terminate my daughters child support. After having sleepless nights and not knowing what else to do. I started to interview several attorneys over the phone as we resided out of the state. I was talking to a close friend of mine and explained to her my situation. She then told me to call a friend of hers that she use to work for and is still in contact with. She knew him personally and that she will give me his number and she was sure that he will help me. I quickly after hours contacted Mr. Freeman and explained to him my situation and without hesitation he stated that he will contact me in the morning and we will get this taken care of. The next day I was contacted by his staff. After speaking over the phone with Mr. Freeman I immediately felt relief on knowing I had hired an attorney that was going to work on my behalf and had the best interest in helping me resolve my case with my daughter. No matter what time I called or texted his staff, whether it was end of the day if not first thing next morning I was contacted to answer any questions I might have. I am so happy with his service and his friendly staff that I would recommend him to anyone with no hesitation. I want to say Thank you to Mr. Freeman and his friendly staff for always keeping me informed and what to expect next.

5 Keturah Maingrette via

Great law firm! Great people who care.

5 Gustavo via

Excellent, Mr freeman know what he is doing when it has to do with family law cases. Mr.Freeman is a great attorney I highly recommend his services

5 Barbara A. Williams via



Hands down best law firm! He was able to solve my case in the blank of an eye. Highly suggest!

5 anonymous via

When Adam began representing me, they worked through discovery and mediation, and were able to secure a result possibly protecting me from unfair alleged damages. He was sensitive to the special needs of my case and was not egoistic: i.e., he considered various options, was willing to research/learn new information, reach out to experts, and act based on that whenever necessary.

Adam was also able to use his tax background to understand the case’s unique attributes, position, and arguments. Most importantly, he reasoned with me to settle when the offer was fair, instead of egging me on to pursue the case merely to increase his own fees.

5 Gustavo Pizzi via

Thank you Mr. Freeman for your service on my divorce case!! Highly recommend !!!👏👌🏻💪

5 K.C. Gleaton via


5 Alba via

Mr. Freeman represented me in a landlord/tenant case and the outcome was great. I highly recommend him because he is the definition of commitment, dedication, professionalism and experience.

5 Debris A via

Customer service is exceptional, attorney BRIAN C. FREEMAN was knowlegable and proffesional, since the beginning of my case to the end Mr.Freeman was involved 100%.

5 Colleen Zelaya via

Mr Freeman and his team are amazing. He is very determined lawyer with lots of knowledge. The outcome of my case was extremely rewarding. He is the best!!

5 Venese Barnes via


5 Judy via

Adam is an exceptional lawyer. He was invaluable in helping me navigate through complicated and acrimonious post-divorce proceedings. He fought for me when I really needed someone to. His knowledge and experience helped me so that I can continue to live a full and happy life.

5 Crystal Jackson via

I emailed this Attorney’s office on their closed day requesting a consultation. Although the office was closed, I still received a phone call within an hour from Ron Johnson. Ron educated me over the phone regarding my matter and although he didn’t handle my matter he referred me to attorney that does. I appreciate the quick response, information that can assist and referral…. Thank you

5 Ravti via

His entire team were very helpful throughout the entire process of my alimony case. Brian always returns my call whenever I leave him a message and he got me the result I wanted.

5 Rodney Jones via


5 Michael via

He was able to get the case close exactly what I wanted mr. Brown is a excellent attorney very respectful thank you again for your services

5 Dre Ord via

Would love to thank the Freeman Law Center. They were amazing and professional. Would highly recommend them.

5 Maureen via

Mr. Freeman responded to all my phone calls and emails promptly. He is very professional and kind. An unpleasant situation was stress free because of his expertise. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.

5 Rosabel Ferreiras via

No words to describe how great Mr. Brown engages into his job. Very outstading performance, very professional since day one. Helped me all the way with my Domestic violence case agaisnt the father of my daughter. Thanks to him i got my final restraining order. Totally worth every minute and second of his time.

5 Juan Monegro via

Freeman was able to see me the same day I inquired ! Pretty fast Service and knowledgeable, thank you for your help . Highly recommended

5 Ricardo via

I was very happy with outcome of my case. I was having problems with my tenant not paying the full rent, I gave the complaint to Mr. Freeman, w/o hesitation he acted professionally and efficiently to served the problem tenant to appear in court. The tenant decided to move out instead of going to court, which was my ultimate goal to begin with. MR. Freeman’s advise along the way gave peace of mind. Thank you Mr. Freeman, keep up the great work.

5 Daamin via

Adam was great. From the beginning consultation to going in for conferences and our procedures for my wife and my tax issues with the IRS, Adam was well prepared and had informed us what we needed and what the procedure would be. He took his time with us and let us know the pros and cons of our situation. In the end Adam was able to get our penalties much lower where we could handle it.

5 Abhinay Reddy via

I really liked the way Mr.Freeman and his associates were so quick in acting on my case. Their response were quick and prompt on my every query. A big thank you to Mr.Freeman on his advice when I first visited him. That advice made sure my case was closed very soon without any further legal hurdles. i would definitely recommend Mr.Freeman and his law center.

5 Maureen via

My ex husband loves to take me to court for modifications of child support and custody issues. Brian and his team promised me that after he represent my case. He will think twice again before taking me back to court. Now, its been more than 2 years! You guys are the BEST!!!

5 LiddyEl Elra via

This is BY FAR one of the best and most hard working attorneys ever..Mr Freeman carefully handled each and every single matter I’ve approached him with. He TRULY will fight for you all the way to bring the best possible outcome. Couldn’t ask for a better attorney

5 Bridget via

I am a landlord and a single mom. My tenants started to bully me and I notified them that I wanted to terminate the lease (because they are month to month). They refused to go and decided to stop paying rent. That is when I went to the NJ Bar Association and they referred me to 3 lawyers. The first name on the list was Mr. Brian Freeman. He was available for a free 30 minute consultation immediately and explained everything to me. While on the phone, he had me email him a copy of the tenant’s lease. We realized my wording in the lease wouldn’t help me get any late fees or my lawyer fees paid because it wasn’t listed properly. Mr. Freeman asked me if I had a Landlord Registration Certificate and told me where to get it. He took time and explained the NOTICE TO QUIT and NON-PAYMENT OF RENT process and told me the prices. The price also included Certified Mail Delivery and a court appearance. He took so much time with me explained that I would get them out eventually, because I live in the unit. He also predicted the tenants next move to ask for a “HARDSHIP”. I wrote everything down and set calls with the other 2 lawyers on the list. I was not impressed by the others. They were on and off the phone in 5 minutes and didn’t explain anything. The woman lawyer was chewing her lunch and I knew that I needed to hire Mr. Freeman. His staff was wonderful and told me exactly what I needed to do. I was so glad to meet him at the courthouse. I learned a lot from this experience. For a small fee, I will have a proper lease for my future tenants and know who to call if I run into any problems. I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Brian Freeman. Even when I checked into court, the clerk asked me if I had a lawyer and when I said, Mr. Brian Freeman, she smiled and said that Mr. Freeman was very nice and pointed him out to me. I wish you luck and hope you call Mr. Freeman!

5 Lisandra Ortiz via

Mr. Freeman was very thorough in gathering all of the information and evidence needed to defend me against false accusations from my ex husband. At the end my ex husband had no choice but to drop all allegations to avoid getting caught lying in court and our divorce went as smooth as could be. I was regularly updated and briefed on the status of my case and the final hearing came much sooner than expected given the circumstances. Very friendly and honest, I highly recommend him.

5 John C via

Brian and his team take the time for a good outcome for their clients! I appreciate the time and help from him and his team! I’m an ocean county resident and he came down to help me with my custody and support case!

5 sybil wilson via

I have known Brian Freeman for over 20 years. He is very knowledgeable, ethical, and has unwavering integrity. In my opinion, he is top notched in his profession. He cares about his clients and he has never lost a case on my behalf. He makes himself available for me immediately! He is my first and only choice, when I find myself in need of legal advice. Look no further.

5 Jock via

Mr Freeman was my lawyer when i was in an auto accident and was rear ended by a taxi. He got me treatment and a good settlement for my case. He got my car fixed to. I thought that it would take forever for the case to be over but it was just like a year. I was very happy with how everything turned out.

5 Yan Li via

Excellent service from Mr freeman on my case

5 Quintin via

My attorney was very professional how he handled my case and I thank him again, and refer him to other if needed .

5 jenny wei via

Mr.Freeman is very professional and helpful. he is very knowledgeble and answered all my questions.the charges are reasonable and affordable.I highly recommend Mr.Freeman law firm.

5 Kims via

He was a great lawyer to work with ..he was knowledgeable and his staff were very cooperative! I would strongly recommend him!!

5 frank pantoja via

Freeman law firm is great. I used them for 2 TRO’s which were dismissed and child support/visitation/custody. They stuck by me and offered assistance. They were up front with potential outcomes. Rates are reasonable. Of course Outcomes will vary. Attorney Adam Brown specifically is great. I would recommend Freeman Law Center.

5 Benjamin Feliciano via

After 63 years of Marriage, My wife served me with Divorce paper,At that moment I didn’t know what to do ,so I spoke to my UAW Legal Team and they referred me to The Freeman Law Center,LLC. It was the best advice I ever got, Mr.Freeman and his team were very helpful with my entire ordeal .

5 Svetlana Sumbarova via

Great law firm. Definitely recommend.

5 Fernando via

Freeman exceeded my expectations in representing me for an eviction case in the Essex county court. My tenants were out of control and I was getting fines from the city for violations that the tenants created. Believe me I was ready to abandon the property because of the nightmare that the situation had become. Mr Freeman stepped in and just took over and I mean really took over, the tenants were evicted and most of the violations were dismissed and I only had pay a greatly reduced fine.
Way to go Freeman and Freddy the paralegal always kept me informed every step of the way. This is a super law office .

5 Danielle Ireland via

I was represented by the Freeman Law Center and Brian Freeman earlier this year and I am grateful for their assistance. They are true professionals who look out for the best interest of their clients. I will proudly refer anyone I know to the Freeman Law Center.

5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman was very helpful and professional with my case. Even though it took long and the court made it troublesome, Mr. Freeman’s legal advice was nevertheless beneficial.

5 Marieser Delgado via

Thank you Mr. Freeman. Highly recommended! Outstanding professionalism. Thanks Deris for providing support and sympathy during difficult times!

5 David via

I have used Mr. Freeman law services over the years in dealing with bad tenants at my rental property, and most recently I have used him in regards to a sidewalk issue at my property. I met with him to discuss a resolution to the issue and he told me the steps that needed to be taken in order to get it resolved. Needless to say he got the issue dismissed, I would recommend his service to anyone looking a excellent lawyer.

5 ed carrillo via

I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Freeman and his staff. They were excellent every step of the way. Going to family court is a disaster, Mr. Freeman made this whole process a little easier with his confidence and professionalism. He responded all calls and emails in a timely fashion, and he is extremely knowledgeable on the laws/guidelines. Thanks again!

5 Jovanca via

I hired Mr. Freeman for my divorce. He settled it expeditiously and with honesty on what I could expect from the opposition. He was there with me in court and has still been a resource for what I had to deal with after my divorce and in rebuilding. I would use him in the future and advise you to consult with him as no case is unworthy of his expertise.

5 Ajay Jackson via

I would like to rate more than 5 stars ⭐️!! I am extremely happy with the services of Freeman , he is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions in detail . He is good at what he does !! The charges are very reasonable and affordable. He and his staff were very cooperative and helped me throughout the process. I would strongly recommend Freeman attorney firm !!

5 anonymous via

I decided to hire Brian Freeman ESQ and Adam Brown ESQ due to their wonderful reviews and I’m glad I did! Whenever I had questions, Brian answered everything promptly and accurately. He is so knowledgeable!!! During the first free consultation, Brian was so sympathetic and kind and he made me feel so secure. Adam on the other hand, while he wrote my divorce settlement agreement, he added so many protective clauses for me without asking him and I’m thankful for that. When we went to the final hearing for my divorce, I was really nervous but Adam tried to calm me down and made the process easier for me. I hope I don’t have to file for divorce again in the future, but if I ever have to (LOL), there is no question that I will hire them again, Hire them, you won’t regret it!

5 chao yan via

Mr. Freeman is very professional and helpful. No any additional charge for phone call. Very fast response and very helpful. Definitely recommend for any real estate case.

5 Frank via

I hired Brian Freeman Law firm to represent me on 2 TRO’s which were both dismissed and 1 custody/child support/visitation. They were well informed and fought hard for especially Adam Brown one of there associates. I would strongly recommend and use them again.
CONS: I wasn’t aware Brian wasn’t going to represent me. I was surprised when the associate showed up but still no regrets.

5 Anya Malave via

I hired Mr. Freeman for a custody case. Mr. Freeman’s law firm is courteous and knowledgeable. As a mother you only want what’s best for your kids. I feel that I’ve made the best choice in choosing Freeman Law Office. Primary custody remained with me, my son happily is remaining in his school with his friends from the past years. My ex also wanted child support terminated and he got denied for that as well. My lawyer was excellent and very well versed with my case and extremely knowledgeable on laws and regulations. Truly thankful for having him by my side that day. Highly recommended.

5 Liza via

Over the past 10 years, Mr. Freeman has assisted me in my child support case as well as helping me obtain physical and legal custody of my son. I’ve hired him a few times and he never disappoints. He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Thank you.

5 Diana Franco via

Such incredible people to work with they are honest, caring and always on top of their game. I highly recommend this law firm, if i was to ever need them in the future they will definitely hire them again. Oh and let’s not forget very reasonable on their prices too! Thank you Mr. Freeman you guys are the best .

5 Kali via

Brian Freeman has been nothing but patient and extremely helpful with my case. This is the like my 5th time I retained him and nothing but great results every time. Mr. Freeman and his team were always profesional and available to respond to any of my questions during my custody battle. Honestly don’t know what I would of done with out him. I will continue to hire him for all my legal needs for as long as I can. I cannot stress enough how satisfied I am with Mr. Freeman and his team.

5 Paresh Parikh via

Mr. Freeman is very professional and explained the possible outcomes of my case prior to my court date. Highly competent and respected attorney. Thank you.

5 anonymous via

Attorney Brain Freeman was the most knowledgeable and efficient lawyer. When i needed a good lawyer in a short time-frame, he accommodate my needs and resolved my case in a timely efficient manner. I strongly recommend attorney Freeman to service you.

5 Jenn Co via

If you’re looking for an HONEST & EFFECTIVE attorney who will follow up, who is consistent, who will give your case the attention it deserves, and who will deliver real results, you can bet that you will get your monies worth with Mr. Freeman. After a disappointing experience with a prior attorney that handled our case, we were left feeling defeated and uncertain about integrity in the legal field. We began to see the light again during our consult with Mr. Freeman and we were immediately stricken by Mr. Freeman’s straightforwardly approach. You see, Mr. Freeman will tell you if he can help you with something or will advise you toward a solution. He formulates a strategy and considers back up plans, giving you the best possible odds at winning your case. Mr. Freeman may not realize the impact that he’s had in improving our personal situation, but we’d like to express once again our gratitude for his guidance and professionalism. He was able to get us everything that we were seeking and then some. So, why settle for a cheap but careless attorney when you can get real professional, quality, top-grade legal help? Invest wisely. Your time and money are worth it! Thank you, Freeman Law Center. Whenever we find the need for legal help again in the future, we will certainly we back! Jennifer C.

5 Matt via

I bought a house with the tenant knowing I was terminating their month to month lease when I closed. Long story short, the tenant refused to leave and refuse to pay rent after the first month. I filed for eviction and a few days before going to court I hired Mr. Freeman since I was treading in very unfamiliar waters, and he was able to fill me in on exactly what the process was and what was going to happen. I was very confident moving forward and everything played out exactly how I was advised. Mr. Freeman and his staff were very professional and on top of everything and always were reachable to answer my questions and concerns and remained in touch afterwards to make sure everything went fine after the tenant removal. I’m very happy I called and hired him!

5 Rizel Feliciano via

Atty Freeman is so thorough in his case handling and he always set the correct expectation. He is so effective and courteous. He helped me out with my divorce and everything went so smooth. I would say his professional fee is so reasonable compare to other law offices and so worth it compare with the inconvenience brought by online divorce companies. Hats off to Brian for a job well done and his service is highly recommended to everyone.

5 Winnie via

Thank you so much for working so hard on my case Mr. Freeman! You are the best!!! After several months, now I can finally have a good sleep at night without worrying about my case before goes to sleep!

5 Christina Robins via

Mr. Freeman and his team were extremely professional and courteous throughout the entire process. My emails and phone calls were answered within 24hrs. and their guidance through a somewhat unfamiliar territory ultimately resulted in a settlement. I would highly recommend their services.

5 Beth via

Mr. Freeman and his staff took care of me during a really rough time in my life. He made me feel as though I were his only client and answered every question I had. Always professional and very understanding. I was so lucky to have him in my corner.

5 jatin kalra via

Because of my job, I plan everything and try to mitigate all the risks. It might sometime seem that he is not paying attention; but thats not true. He keeps calm, and all his case filings are on time. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and does address all the concerns. He does communicate in a very timely manner and his staff is amazing. He has helped me deal with a rather complicated multi-state divorce and child custody. Compared to the opposing counsel (and that is all I compare to), he is absolutely very strong.

5 Angela L. Medina via

Brian did an amazing job putting a Living Will together for me; put it together in minutes, then had his staff proofread, notarize and made me a few copies for my records and distribute.

5 jesse castillo via

I wanna take the time to thank Brian Freeman, from Freeman law center for handling my case in a very quick and professional manner. He’s amazing and so is his staff . I will definitely recommend every one that needs a lawyer to brian Freeman law center.

5 K via

Thank you for your service you and your stuff are professional, expericenced and on point.

5 Beth K via

Mr. Freeman and his staff took care of me during a difficult time in my life. Everyone was very professional and willing to answer any questions i had. Thank you so much!

5 Angela via

Mr. Freeman explained the entire process to me and the case was taken care of as soon as possible. He Also Has A Wonderful Staff that kept in communication with me.

5 Ethan Kekesi via

The Freeman Law Center consists of professionals who are knowledgeable, courteous, and personable. They got the job done and in a timely manner. I highly recommend this firm.

5 anonymous via

Because of my job, I plan everything and try to mitigate all the risks. It might sometime seem that he is not paying attention; but thats not true. He keeps calm, and all his case filings are on time. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and does address all the concerns. He does communicate in a very timely manner and his staff is amazing. He has helped me deal with a rather complicated multi-state divorce and child custody. Compared to the opposing counsel (and that is all I compare to), he is absolutely very strong.

5 Nicole Jones via

This attorney really knows his stuff! Mr. Freeman is just the best around.

5 Bryan via

Nice people very professional very friendly very polite esp. to the lady at the frontdesk. they took care of my case very well..

5 Robert via

I Hired Mr Brian Freeman for a auto accident case. The day I consulted with him he sent me to all the right doctors for appropriate care that I needed. He took care of my case in a timely fashion with the up most respect. He is very knowledgeable of many areas of the law. Office staff were all professional and courteous as well. Thumbs up Freeman Law

5 MaryAnn via

Awesome lawyer for a landlord. Can get you the best possible outcome in shortest amount of time.

5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman was able to guide and give professional legal council for a motor vehicle violation. Mr. Freeman presented multiple options for how the case could go and we decided together for the best possible outcome. Mr. Freeman has helped myself, as well as other members of my family through various legal matters, and we have all been very pleased with his advice and action.

5 Jho De Guzman via

The best lawyer! He thoroughly helped me with the custody case for my child. Without him, I didn’t know what to do. He’s very knowledgeable and he came prepared for the hearing. He’s very patient and understanding. He was always available when you have questions. He will always be my representative from now on. Thank you very much Attorney Freeman. Big big thanks to you and to your staff as well for always being there to answer my questions.

5 Kay via

…wait , yes it is with Brian and his efficient staff!! This is my second (and last) divorce and I went straight back to Brian and my experience was as good as the first time 🙂

5 Christ via

I want to say thank you to mr Brian for helped me out with my divorce situation.First time in my life i hired a lawer and things went perfect like he explained to me when i was consulted me so i recommend anyone in jersey city to that lawer for personel injury,family divorce,separation

5 peter cheng via

Involved in a L/T dispute back in December ’16 and reached out to Brian Freeman to receive legal consultation as this was my first experience in a legal disagreement with a Tenant. He (Brian) had been upfront during the entire consultation, provided great insight to the L/T Laws and guided me through the whole legal process. Fast forward to today (May ’17), the outcome for the L/T case had been decided a few months back, Brian continues to be involved and guiding me through the eviction proceeding. All in all Brian Freeman and his staff has been fantastic throughout the entire legal process and made my family and I feel at ease. I would highly recommend Brian Freeman to anyone that is looking for a dedicated attorney with great knowledge of the legal system.

5 anonymous via

After reading all the prior reviews about Brian I don’t what I can add except to say that he really helped me in court and he is something special. I didn’t have my son for any time except when his mother let me see him and if she was made at me then I didn’t see him. I felt like just a cash machine always paying for my boy but not having any rights to see him and be a real father. That stopped when I went to court with Brian and for the first time I felt like the judge heard my side of the story and not just the mother’s side .Bless you Brian and thank you from the bottom of my heart

5 Pratik Ajmera via

EXCELLENCE is one word I would use to describe Mr Freeman! I am not sure where to start but some of qualities I would definitely want to point out are: 1. Ultra responsive – Even in his busy schedule he gets back to you in time as expected (and believe me this is big deal as most attorneys tell you Monday and come back on Friday) 2. Patient with very strong Moral Compass – I am an engineer by profession and by nature and I don’t accept anything until I reason it out. Mr Freeman had a lot of patience to answer my questions, guide me through. He patiently listened to me and explain why he thinks his way is right way – Needless to say that was the case. He also always had my best interests and needs in mind, even the ones I didn’t know. 3. Flexible and Professional – Mr Freeman is very professional and does not make excuses. There were time when I showed up with 15 min notice but as long as his calendar was open he spoke to me. 4. Knowledge – His knowledge and attention to detail really impressed me. At many points when I didn’t know what should I do, I relied on his excellent counsel. He knows anything there is to know about law (If he doesn’t he will let you know in advance!) I can go on and one but in summary the way Mr Freeman handled the engagement was mind blowing. I would call it best encounter with anyone in Law Enforcement Ever!

5 anonymous via

I had moved out of NJ years ago, and when renewing my DL in the new state I moved to I learned that somebody had stolen my NJ license plates, gotten tickets, never addressed them and my NJ drivers rights had been suspended. In top I had a bench warrant for not addressing these issues. Freeman got the bench warrant removed, tickets brought back to court, and eventually dismissed with no fees. Could not be happier… excellent results!

5 Felix via

I hired Mr. Freeman to complete my divorce proceeding. I am currently a resident of Florida. The whole process was completed over the phone, via fax and email. Today I’m divorced Thanks to Mr. Freeman, without having to return to New Jersey.

5 Kathy Ramos via

Child custody & restraining order- Mr.Freeman & Mr Brown. Nov 28 2017 was my court hearing at Bergen I am highly satisfied with Mr.Brown services. He took my case, when I thought I was helpless. He was very professional and never doubt that my case would have a positive outcome. My case was a bit complicated yet he gave me all the confidence I needed to walk into that court room and win my case. I am very thankful and grateful with Mr. Brown , for taking my case with the most professionalism. Thank you Mr.Brown for your patience and legal assistance. I highly recommend Mr.Brown.I highly recommend Mr.Brown and I will hire him again without any doubt if I ever need legal assistance again.County Family Court for child custody. This man was amazing ..Mr.Freeman is very kind and patient .He answered every single question I had before and during court recess. Things did not look great at the beginning but he stood by me .He also follow up with me to make sure I got my son back after court. THANK YOU. In March 2018 , I hired an attorney at free law center for a second time . This time was for a civil matter ( restraining order). I am highly satisfied with Mr.Brown services. He took my case, when I thought I was helpless. He was very professional and never doubt that my case would have a positive outcome. My case was a bit complicated yet he gave me all the confidence I needed to walk into that court room and win my case. I am very thankful and grateful with Mr. Brown , for taking my case with the most professionalism. Thank you Mr.Brown for your patience and legal assistance. I highly recommend Mr.Brown and I will hire him again without any doubt if I ever need legal assistance again.

5 Giulliana via

Very efficient and professional. Gets results done quick. I am very satisfied with Mr. Freeman’s work.

5 Francisco Gonzalez via

Mr. Freeman and his team have been nothing but profesional and honest from day one. This was my second time hiring him and both times I had great results. Mr. Freeman and his team were always available to answer questions and always returned my calls. Even during my whole ordeal they always reassured me and kept me in positive spirit. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I will continue to use Freeman Law Center LLC as my team for as long as I can. I honestly recommend to anyone looking for honest and loyal firm.

5 John via

I want to sing the praises of the man who fought for me in court against very bad tenants who were trying to destroy my property. I had tried to evict the tenants by myself and then with another lawyer and loss both times. I didn’t lose when I had Brian representing me. He is the one to use if you have tenant issues.

5 Rizel via

sought Brian’s help for my divorce case and in 3 months time, I got my divorce papers, given that my ex-husband is living abroad. He’s knowledgeable about the process and had guide me every step of the way.

His professional fee is also reasonable for his excellent service compare to other lawyers who charge way higher. And online divorce companies are not even at par when it comes to the convenience I had when I hired him.

Brian’s service is indeed unparalleled.

5 Madeline Cruz via

I was reluctant to seek representation, but of course called Freeman/s office the day before my hearing, the office accepted to consult me straight from the airport. Upon arrival Brian was honest and straight to the point. Overall quick, simple, and supportive. Thank you!

5 Francisco via

Mr. Freeman has been nothing but patient and extremely helpful with my case. This is the second time I retained him and nothing but great results both times. Mr. Freeman and his team were always profesional and available to respond to any of my questions during my custody battle. Honestly don’t know what I would of done with out him. I will continue to hire him for all my legal needs for as long as I can. I cannot stress enough how satisfied I am with Mr. Freeman and his team.

5 xiomara soto via

Tanya Freeman Hughes is an amazing attorney.. knowledgeable and honest. handled my case quickly and fairly. She isn’t cheap but you get what you pay for.. I definitely got more than I paid for.. She’s above and beyond.. no nonsense type. Doesn’t take crap from other attorneys and knows the law. I feel bad for whoever has to come against her because they’ve already lost.

5 anonymous via

I went to Mr.Brian Freeman for my divorce case he took the case and handled it in a professional manner he is extremely polite, courteous, patient and I would recommend him to anyone from all states he is the best and I wouldn’t trade him for the world I would use him over and over again.

5 Liddy via

This is BY FAR one of the most knowledgeable and hard working attorneys Ive ever seen.Mr Freeman carefully and successfully handled each and every case. He TRULY will fight for you all the way to bring the best possible outcome…i couldn’t have asked for a better attorney… He truly is my lawyer for life !

5 Celadawn Reid via

Brian Freeman helped my brother and I with a Landlord/Tenant case in Jersey City and he was not only Professional and Confident he took his time to hear our case and came up with a resolution immediately that was a Win, Win for everyone involved. None of the other Attorney’s that we called before him would even take the time to hear the facts without trying get a large retainer before doing so. Thank you Mr. Freeman

5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman was a great attorney! He was very understanding and advocated for me the whole way through. I would defiantly recommend Mr. Freeman for anyone who is seeking legal advice.

5 Dana Alford via

Brian handled my son’s custody case after his children’s mother threatened to move out of the state with his two kids. I had to help my son select a lawyer and pay the fee so I was very involved in his case. We met with three other lawyers besides Brian but he made us feel that he and his staff would fight for us and we chose him to represent my son. It turned out to be the best decision we ever made and the best money ever spent. As you can can probably guess my son won. Not only did the kids not leave but he got to have the kids live with him almost 50/50. Talk about a great attorney and a caring man he promised to do his best and he delivered.

5 Alan via

There is no doubt that Mr Freeman is one heck of a lawyer who fights for you like a lion. He fought for me and we won. While he told me when I hired him that he could not guarantee a definite outcome to my divorce, he said that he and his staff would fight for me and boy did he fight.
I felt that he kept his promises to me and gave me great counsel and a more than satisfactory result in my case.i recommend him with no reservations.

5 Maria M. via

He answered all my questions and concerns, I live out of the state and my ex-husband took me to court to emancipate our children. Mr. Freeman represented me in court and he was in constant communication with me. I will hire again if I ever need legal counsel again. Excelente Abogado!

5 Nicole Stallworth via

I highly recommend working with this firm for your family law matters. I worked with them on my divorce and ongoing child support issues and I have had a great experience with them.

5 Jennifer via

If your looking for an HONEST attorney who will follow up, who is consistent, who will give your case the attention it deserves, and who delivers real results, you can bet that you will get your monies worth.

After a disappointing experience with a previous attorney that handled our case, we were left feeling defeated and uncertain about integrity in the legal field.

We began to see the light again during our consult with Mr. Freeman and we were immediately stricken by Mr. Freeman’s straightforwardly approach.

You see, Mr. Freeman will tell you if he can help you with something or will advise you toward a solution. He formulates a strategy and considers back up plans giving you the best possible odds at winning your case.

Mr. Freeman may not realize the impact that he’s had in improving our personal situation, but we’d like to express once again our gratitude for his guidance and professionalism. He was able to get us everything that we were seeking and then some.

So, why settle for a cheap but careless attorney when you can get real professional, quality, top-grade legal help? Invest wisely. Your time and money are worth it!

Thank you, Freeman & Freeman. Whenever we find the need for legal help again in the future, we will certainly we back!

Jennifer C.

5 Francisco Ramirez via

I would HIGHLY recommend, the law office of Mr. Brian Freeman to anyone who is in need of a great attorney ,  Mr. Freeman was very knowledgeable in the legal matter that I was involved in, he remained in full contact with me during the whole process. I recall emailing him a few times with questions and concerns and he returned my email within the hour, even on the WEEKEND. The other thing that  I liked about Mr. Freeman is that he is a compassionate person, he actually seemed that he cared, and was fueled by helping someone and not by money like most other attorneys. Do yourself a favor and pick Mr. Freeman,  if you are in of need legal assistance, you will not be disappointed!!!!

5 Lioarge via

The service and experience was excellent. My calls where answered every time I called, highly recommended. Cinthya the paralegal in the office is one of rhe most professional person I have work with.

5 antewan fanous via

Mr freeman is an excellent lawyer, diligent, efficient, and makes sure that his client is happy and well informed. Mr. Freeman goes out of his way to educate his clients and carefully walk them through the process. Always response and returns phone calls and emails in a timely manner and his tremendous knowledge and experience kept myself and my family at a high comfort level. I would definitely recommended Mr. Freeman to handle your legal matters. Mr. Freeman allowed us to have a good experience during a difficult time, much appreciated.

5 Jani via

Brian Freeman is an experienced and thoughtful attorney whose services we have retained on several ocasions. Most recently, we had a tenant who argued he shouldn’t have to pay rent because his business was not doing well. Mr. Freeman filed a claim for us, negotiated a payment plan, recouped some of the monies owed and will now file a judgement against the former tenant for monies still owed. Every step of the way, Mr. Freeman was attentive and thorough. He informed us clearly of our options and is currently helping us to be able to recoup all of the monies owed. We have full confidence we will be able to do so.

Mr. Freeman’s staff, his office manager in particular, have been very friendly and helpful. The entire team has made a very stressful situation manageable.

I thank you Brian Freeman for all you have done!

5 Tran Nguyen via

At my consultation with Mr. Freeman, I told him I hoped he could help me. I will not forget him confidently telling me that he KNOWS he can and he will not take on just any case. From when I spoke to him during my consultation until the day of court, he was knowledgeable and professional. I am very happy with how he helped resolve my case. I wish I would’ve had him represent me in the initial case. But I would definitely contact him again in the future if needed.

5 Jerry via

I went to court on a speeding ticked and did not want to go in alone. He made sure I got a very fair deal and its almost as if the incident never even took place. Thanks Mr Freeman for your excellent service

5 Robert Gironda via

I would definitely recommend The Freeman Law Center. Professionalism, courteous, knowledgeable is not enough words to explain the law center. Thank You Freeman Law!

5 Bruna via

I definately recommend Brian ! He was able to get one of my tickets dropped and I was given the minimum fee along with no points on my record !

5 candace johnson via

I was in a personal injury accident. The insurance company refused to compensate me for my pain and suffering. They offered me little to nothing. But Brian Freeman is amazing! He was able to negotiate a settlement far more than what was previously offered. I definitely recommend him as an Attorney!

5 Rafael Rios via

Mr. Freeman is very professional and has an amazing team. I accused of a crime i did not commit and he believed in me, took my emergency and worked as if it was his emergency. He took my financial situation into consideration and gave me a fair price. Overall, all the charges were dropped and the arrest was expunged. Thank you, Mr. Brian Freeman.

5 Naimah Muhammad via

Mr. Freeman and his firm were very professional from the start. I was facing a difficult situation and his team made sure that I had everything necessary to build a strong case. They say that you get what you pay for, well I certainly would pay the price again to have their representation.

5 Lupita via

Mr Freeman is an excellent lawyer. He provides great results and solves issues quickly. Freeman Law Center is extremely knowledgeable especially when dealing with sensitive issues such as family law. I had an issue regarding custody and I felt supported all the way. Freeman’s Law Center is a very honest, ethical, and understanding firm. Thank you to everyone at the Freeman Law Center for their services.

5 Stan Pietruska via

Excellent lawyer who knows his stuff. I have seen Brian work many times and I am always impressed. He is a very smart lawyer.

5 Salvador via

This firm has an outstanding leadership and very personable and talented professionals. I wish that I would have come to to firm earlier….it’s simply the best!

5 Thomas Wyche via

I have use the Freeman Law Center firm for years now with real estate matters. Mainly with any tenant situations that might develop with my rental property. I found him to be quite thorough with a keen eye for details in each case. Because of this, any court appearances on these matters have all ruled in my favor. Should anyone require legal assistance, I would highly recommend his services to your benefit.

5 Isis via

Mr. Freeman is one of the best, sharpest and attentive attorneys. It’s rare to find an attorney that cares about their clients, and I’m glad I did. Thank you!

5 zuri gill via

Freeman Hughes Freeman, LLC works extremely well with you personally and to settle your case. Their work is done in a timely fashion and efficiently. I knew absolutely nothing about any legal processes and was amazed at the knowledge Mr.Freeman had. I was very pleased with how every step of the way was handled. Mr. Freeman worked with me one on one and I would recommend this law office to anyone in need of legal help.

5 Jason via

Mr. Freeman is by far the easiest attorney I ever had the pleasure of working with. I went thru a divorce that turned out exactly as he said would. He is super professional and had everything done in a timely fashion. There was never any issues that arouse that he wasn’t front and center, and ontop of. Communication was straight forward and extremely prompt. I appreciate everything he did for me, never once was I ever concerned with any issues. Thanks again for the great service. You took a very unpleasant situation and took care of it for me.

5 Katheryne Villar via

Brian Freeman is an amazing attorney, a true professional. He provides great results and solves issues quickly. Him and his team did a Excellent job. I absolutely recommend her legal services. Thank you so much Mr. Brian and Adam. Great Job! Katheryne

5 Angel via

Brian is a great lawyer, he explained everything in detail what he’s going to do and keep you updated on anything that happens in the case. good people skills and experience

5 Rm C via

I have retained the Freeman Hughes Law Center to represent me several times with regard to custody issues. Mr. Freeman and his staff are very courteous, extremely knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable, especially when dealing with sensitive issues such as family law. His expertise in the law and familiarity with local personnel is unparalleled. Thank you for always helping me and giving me a sense of security during my trying times.

5 Jay via

Mr. Freeman has handle some Landlord cases that brings us only good out comes.
Mr. Freeman handle our cases for the most part himself and showed up in court in person to represent our company.
He is patient, understanding and allows good dialogue with his client in order to find the best approach to the case at hand.
Whenever, I visit his office he always has time to see me and listen to the next case I bring forth.
The Freeman Law Center has my confidence and respect for the work they do in order to bring about success for their clients.
Thank You Mr. Freeman for all the good work you have been doing for Leanna Homes as we try to fix all the problems in our building.

5 Oscar Torres via

Attorney Brian Freedman is one of the best attorney in his field. Not only is Mr. Freedman knowledgeable of the law, he connects with you at a personal level. While other attorney see most of their clients as money, Mr. Freedman sympathizes with each of his clients unique cases and he will fight hard to bring justice. With Mr. Freedman as your attorney and his winning office staff to back him up, you’ll know you have made the right choice. A decision you will not regret!

5 K. Villar via

I highly recommend, Mr. Freeman Through his assistance, I won my case. He’s dependable. He returns my calls in a timely manner. He gives advice, assists and informed me about the update of the case.I was glad to have Mr. Freeman and his team on my side, they were aggressive and honest, I would recommend them to anyone!

5 Lexy Cuadros via

I searched for lawyers and contacted Mr. Freeman for a consultation, I didn’t really know what was going to be the outcome, He made me feel at ease and decided to go with him, it was the best decision, Brian Freeman was very positive about the whole situation could not have asked for a better experience, I can’t thank you enough for everything!! I’m so happy that I decided to hire you as my attorney, his expertise are beyond excellence, I will highly recommend him and his firm

5 Emma via

Brian C Freeman was very clear on explaining how the procedure of my case will go. He made sure I was updated and on time with handing in whatever information I needed to go forward with my case. Not only did he help me, he also represented my sister in a different case. She is the one who recommended that I meet with him and I was completely satisfied with how everything had turned out.

5 Majida Garcia via

Mr. Freeman was able to help me in a child support case. He was patient with informing me about the case and also went over all important information that was presented to me by the Court. I felt at ease knowing that he was handling the case from beginning to end. I thank Mr. Freeman for always showing his professionalism and the time he devoted to helping me with this delicate matter.

5 Pamela via

Mr Freeman, first off very professional,and a very confident lawyer. He made my son and myself feel extremely at ease, and comfortable that our case would go as we had hope it would.

5 Marcia Vazquez via

What an awesome experience we had with Freeman Hughes Freeman, LLC. We dealt specifically with Tanya Freeman, who treated our case like if was hers. The follow-up with her team and herself was outstanding. We had a tough case involving Child Support and Emancipation. The law firm represented us in court and during the entire process, we had great communication through emails and telephone. We highly recommend this friendly and professional law firm.

5 anonymous via

Attorney was present in court with me, tenant could not pay so he suggested to me give her 3 weeks to move to avoid having to come back to the judge for extension. It worked, she was out in 3 weeks.
Happy with the outcome

5 MP Remba via

Mr. Freeman is an ethical person. He knows the law and he will defend your rights. I needed a landlord/tenant lawyer in Jersey City and Google was my only reference. I read his reviews here, and I am so grateful I found him. I highly recommend him. I will not hesitate to call him again in the future.

5 Tejinder Kaushal via

Very honest and consistent
Dedicated to my needs and always available

5 Freda Winanes via


5 anonoymous via

Attorney Freeman and his team were able to quickly resolve a collections case in my favor.

5 M. Pamganiban via

Handled my accident suit in a very professional and effective manner. Brian Freeman, Esq. is very easy to speak to and although it may take some time, the job gets done. Knew exactly how to maximize my earnings from my unfortunate event. Highly recommended for anybody who needs an accident attorney in New Jersey. I just wish he had a practice in New York!

5 Carther via

I had a bench warrant falsely issued against me
Mr Freeman was attentive and responsive. He met with me promptly and advised his fees, strategy and next steps.

I was very surprised and delighted with his relations and good temperament with the judge, support staff and prosecutor in Hudson County court.

I highly recommend him and will seek out his services if needed in the future

5 rachelle davis via

Mr.Freeman was my attorney for a slip and fall case. I must say he and his team are beyond punctual. Any question I had via email,phone was answered whether it was office hours or not. I loved the fact that Mr.Freeman gave me the best advice and didnt sugar coat anything told me these are your options. I would highly recommend Freeman law

5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman answers questions and inquiries about my case without any hesitation. He follows thru with emails and call backs. Mr. Freeman handled my case with sufficiency and in a timely manner.

5 Sneaker Suite via

Brian Freeman is the best lawyer there is. He is attentive and passionate to his clients needs. Mr. Freeman kept me informed of everything that was going on with my case. He was always available when I needed to get in touch with him. Whenever I need an attorney Freeman Law will be the firm that I will use.

5 Gary Champion Jr. via

Mr. Freeman was very professional and helpful. I was satisfied with the results of my case, and would definitely recommend his services.

5 Angel Murudumbay via

I retained Mr. Freeman’s services for an adjustment to parenting time and overnights. After being misguided by two separate lawyers Mr. Freeman helped me clarify many things and I felt he truly cared about my case and my rights as a father. His communication was nothing short of excellent. He always replied promptly and effectively to my questions via phone and email. Overall I am extremely satisfied with his representation and the outcome of my case. I would recommend his services. Thank you Mr. Freeman.

5 anonymous via

Attorney Freeman and team were able to negotiate a settlement for my case for half of the amount that was originally asked for. I was very satisfied with the outcome.

5 infinite STYLES via

Mr. Freeman was excellent!!! I felt confident with Mr. Freeman that my case would win and he makes sure that everything goes smooth.

5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman represented me in a post divorce child support matter. Throughout the process Mr. Freeman was patient, prompt and reachable. Most of all he was very reasonable and honest in setting expectations. At the end, we reached a mutually acceptable outcome that I am satisfied with.

5 Ericka Holmes via

Words can’t express how grateful I am, Mr.Freeman was my mothers attorney and he went above and beyond to make sure my mothers case was a successful one!! The time and dedication Mr.freeman and his team put into my mothers case was far more then we expected.. I was very pleased with their services. If anyone is looking for lawyer who going to treat your case like its there only case and take pride in what they do and put you first!! Look no further Freeman law center is the way to go!! Thank you Mr.Freemen.. Oh yeah his my husbands attorney Now 👍

5 Dan via

Brian Freeman is an excellent attorney who followed through on a complicated traffic ticket I received. He went the extra mile and got me a deal. I could not be happier and definitely recommend him.

5 Betsy Abreu via

Freeman law center help me so much with my recent divorce. Mr.Freeman is very helpful and he tells it like it is, because he wants your best interest. His secretary Doris is very helpful and always makes sure your paper work is updated and your court dates are kept. If you are looking for a great law center! Look no further freeman law center is the help you are looking for! !

5 anonymous via

I have never written a review before but I was so pleased by the representation that I received from Brian in my divorce case i agreed to write a review for him. He was very well prepared in court and clearly well respected by the judge and other lawyers. My case was settled with an agreement that was fair and it didn’t take long to get my divorce finalized either.

5 Roy Granados via

Brian Freeman is an excellent and detailed lawyer. My family uses him for all tenant issues for several years. He always guides us in the right direction. He takes the time to provide us key information and valuable advice to become successful landlords.

5 anonymous via

Thanks for getting my case dismissed. I received two bogus traffic tickets in Jersey City, NJ. Each $85 a piece and 8 points total on my license. Brian got the case dismissed. Paid no fine and received no points!

5 Shiv Panigrahi via

I was new to Jersey City and was looking for a lawyer for my traffic ticket. Found Freeman Hughes Freeman, LLC on my internet search and out of many options wanted to give them a try. From that day on I have no regrets. Starting from the boarding process to finally go to court to fight for you; everything is done pretty seamlessly. They are very diligent and efficient in maintaining communications with you throughout the process. And last but not least they are pretty reasonable too. I will surely recommend them and will certainly use their services in the future.

5 Elroy via

I’ve hired Brian C. Freeman to represent me in East Orange NJ and also in Irvington, NJ. Both times he got me the result I wanted against tremendous odds as my driving record was in terrible standings. I got zero points on both occasions and in the latter case I was ticketed for going in excess of 40 MPH above the posted speed limit on the Garden State Parkway.

5 lorvoria clark via

I was new to Jersey City and was looking for a lawyer for my traffic ticket. Found Freeman Hughes Freeman, LLC on my internet search and out of many options wanted to give them a try. From that day on I have no regrets. Starting from the boarding process to finally go to court to fight for you; everything is done pretty seamlessly. They are very diligent and efficient in maintaining communications with you throughout the process. And last but not least they are pretty reasonable too. I will surely recommend them and will certainly use their services in the future.

5 Kurt via

Brian Freeman is definitely the creme de la creme of lawyers I have encountered. Not only does he have a great handle on the workings and dynamics of the law, but he also has tremendous presence of mind.
A case in point is when we went for a hearing in court, and I was being slandered and depicted in worst possible way, I began panicking thinking that the plaintiff’s claims were negatively coloring the judge’s perception of me. Brian remained calm, and I kept wondering why he was very cool. In my untrained mind, we had to fight fire with fire. I implored him to act and he just told me to remain calm.
When his time came to speak I really felt like a fool. Not only did he shoot holes into the logic (or illogic) of the accusations but he proceeded to show that I was not the villain I was being made out to be. I had to apologize to him for being a novice. There is a vast difference between being passionate emotionally and passionate about the details. Brian is the latter.
If I ever get into another situation that requires a lawyer, I will make a beeline to his office.

5 Graciela Arguedas via

Great experience! Mr. Freeman was very patient and understanding. He explained my case very carefully and detailed. He is an honest man and truly cares to help his clients. He and his staff are also very welcoming.

5 Brenda via

Best Professional Attorney ever to represent me during my slip/fall accident was Brian C. Freeman, Esq. of Jersey, City, New Jersey. Also, he will come to you and do everything to the best of his knowledge to make sure you are compensated highly and assist you whenever you need guidance during the process of recovery.

5 Quawan Smith via

It was a pleasure working with Brian and his staff. They have a profound expertise in what that do. And if you need legal assistance I highly recommend going in for a consultation.

5 Altagracia via

Brian has been our family lawyer for over 20 plus years and has always done a fantastic job in all the cases that we have had. He had represented me in two automobile accident cases and got me good settlemets. He also had represented my husband in municipal court and ä worker”s compensation case. We had always been pleased with the results,

5 kevin sommers via

I was dealing with a child custody case & was seeking extended parental time. This was my first time in court in a case that seemed like an on going saga. It was a very uneasy time in my life to say the least..with that being said I was well equipped with Adam Wiseberg & Freeman Law Center on my side. They were 100% honest with me & helped propel my confidence through out. Adam was very approachable, organized and convenient. He preached patience at a very stressful time. He didnt give me false hope and explained to me an ideal solution in which I was very satisfied with. I would recommend Freeman Law Center to anyone. Very helpful & understanding people

5 Salah via

I’m a single man who now has nearly 50% residential custody of my three toddler daughters thanks to Mr. Brian Freeman. I would like to extend my warmest regards and gratitude to Brian and the entire team at Freeman Hughes Freeman for helping me expose the truth in my very messy custody case. There were unspeakable accusations against me, Brain proved them to be false. I initially mangled my case by representing myself, Brian was able to things up. It was a long road spanning over a year since we first meet and he stuck with me, treating me like family, until we reached our goal.

5 Rafael Rios via

Mr. Freeman is very professional and has an amazing team. I accused of a crime i did not commit and he believed in me, took my emergency and worked as if it was his emergency. He took my financial situation into consideration and gave me a fair price. Overall, all the charges were dropped and the arrest was expunged. Thank you, Mr. Brian Freeman.

5 anonymous via

Mr. freeman is an excellent lawyer, diligent, efficient, and makes sure that his client is happy and well informed. Mr. Freeman goes out of his way to educate his clients and carefully walk them through the process. Always response and returns phone calls and emails in a timely manner and his tremendous knowledge and experience kept myself and my family at a high comfort level. I would definitely recommended Mr. Freeman to handle your legal matters. Mr. Freeman allowed us to have a good experience during a difficult time, much appreciated.

5 Dexington Bardge via

I found myself in an unbelievable legal situation and I was referred to Mr. Freeman by a VP in my Washington, DC based-organization due to his expertise in New Jersey law codes. My initial impression was that he was of an empathic nature coupled with direct leadership. He laid out my options, told me the truth, and advised on historic, relevant cases as a form of research and preparation. I am quite curious – so I emailed and called him a lot and I was always greeted warmly and professionally. I never felt like my concerns were trivial or repetitive. I am still very much impressed.

5 Danny via

Mr Brian Freeman is a man knowledgable lawyer, a man of his word & absolutley knows what he is taking about. He never led me wrong nor told anything that wasn’t true. He always put me at ease, which made me feel confident in his ability as a lawyer. Got me through my divorce without a loss. Thank you Mr Brian Freeman!! I definitely recommned his services.

5 Ben Ro via

I’m writing to say that our case, handled by Brian Freeman, was really performed with a high level of professional. Mr. Freeman has extensive knowledgeable of family law. I highly recommend him and I will definitely seek his advice again should the need arise. Many thanks for your great assistance Mr. Freeman!

5 marguerit via

When Brian Freeman agreed to take my case, I’d been severely injured on my job. I was unable to work, desperately in need of medical attention, which was being denied me by my employer. Mr. Freeman fought for me and got me the monies and the treatment I was entitled to, he’s an excellent attorney!

5 norman bernard via

I have known Mr Freeman many years and I have always found Mr Freeman and his team to be dedicated,compassionate and accommodating. When necessary I have met with Mr Freeman early in the morning or at other unusual times and never felt hurried. He takes the time to explain the details and he goes the extra mile .His tireless efforts have allowed me to be at ease knowing that my cases are being handled properly. What I appreciate most of all about Mr.Freeman is his approchability, you can talk to him, he is a strait shooter. He and his team have always treated me with honesty, integrity and professionalism. The times I haven’t used Mr Freeman’s services I look back and wish I had

5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman is very professional and informative from the very beginning until the end of the case. He always returned my calls the same day when I left him voice mails with questions in regards to my case. This was my second time using his services . Very pleased with the settlement of the case ! I highly recommend his services , you will be very happy with the outcome !

5 Alijah Harris via

Thank you Mr.Freeman , Highly recommended !

5 Dominique via

I would definitely recommend Freeman Law Center. My case was involving child support and visitation. I worked closely with both Mr. Freeman himself and Adam Wiseberg. Their work ethic was extremely professional. I expressed to them how afraid I was of going to court. Both informed me of my rights and let me know immediately, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I must say they definitely kept their word! I would highly recommend Mr. Freeman and his team! You will not be disappointed! I promise!

5 Abraham Watson via


5 Indera via

The very first time I spoke to Mr Freedman over the phone he give me great advise in regard to my case. When I first meet few week later he immediately start draft out paper . Thank to Mr Brian Freedman he won my case.

5 Aaron Morgan via

I was very happy with my settlement. I received it in a timely fashion. I would suggest all to use this law firm. If i would need these guys in the near future i wouldn’t hesitate.

5 Tracey via

Brian Freeman handled my case with the utmost professionalism. He was always very responsive and the outcome of my case was 100 percent favorable.

5 Drew Daniels via

Mr.Freeman assisted me on a very difficult ejectment case. From the beginning he understood the complexity of the case and was very knowledgeable. He communicated with me through the entire process. On our scheduled court date he was early and very prepared. I would strongly recommend Mr. Freeman to anyone. He is extremely caring and professional.

5 Betsy via

In my first consultation Mr.Freeman was straight forward with me explaning to me everything I needed to do to help my divorce. His secretary Doris was always in touch with me helping me with my court dates or paper work. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr.Freeman ! His a great lawyer.

5 Rob Romano via

Mr.Freeman took care of a landlord/tenant dispute for me, he handled the case diligence he was a great representative for me. I’d be happy to recommend his services to anyone looking for legal advise, he’s very knowledgeable and well known in the judicial industry which always helps no matter what your situation is.

5 Dave via

When I was wrongly accused of an assault, Mr. Freeman sat down with me, he listened closely and explained the entire process of what could happen to me. He then proceeded to set the record straight and worked to clear me of the charges. My life is back to normal and I owe it to this man. Thank you Mr. Freeman!

5 Frances Negron via

Freedom law has been nothing but great to me, words can’t express how much he has helped me .. After my case I still continue to contact Freeman for legal advice, he’s always willing to help.. He doesn’t pressure you about anything.. couldn’t ask for a better attorney.

5 Ako via

I Googled “best custody lawyers NJ” and Mr Freeman’s firm was at the top of the list of results. I called, made an appointment for a free consultation and half way through that consultation I knew that Mr Freeman was the person I NEEDED to represent me. He handled my case with such precision that there was never a doubt in my mind about what the outcome would be. If you’re looking for outstanding service and excellent results, Brian C Freeman is the one you need to call!

5 Vlasta Jezowicz via


5 Anthony via

Attorney Brian was very helpful in advising and helping me with my marriage contract. Despite the time constraints he made sure all that was needed was completed on time. He a very client friendly person i felt very comfortable explaining to him what i needed done and he was patient to listen to me and advise me accordingly. I definitely recommend him for anyone seeking help and advise in family law. I am very satisfied with the work he did for me.

5 Anthony Santiago via

Brian Freeman was a excellent lawyer for my traffic ticket. He got me away with a 5 point speeding ticket. Walk away with 2 points and Careless driving which isn’t the greatest thing but it’s way better than 7 points and a suspended license. I recommend Mr.Freeman for any case. Thank you for the help. God bless

5 Michelle via

I received a ticket for allowing an unlicensed driver to operate an vehicle, spoke with Mr.freeman and he assured that the ticket would be thrown out and sure enough it was. The prices are are reasonable and employees in the firm are experts,respectful and very pleasant. I would definitely recommend this frim

5 Fortune Hawa via


5 Jack via

I have gone through a lenghty divorce, and problems after the divorce. I have been through 3 lawyers. I met with Mr Freeman for a consultation regarding problems I am currently having regarding my X and children. He was extremely knowledgeble and helpful, and I only wish I had contacted him in the beginning… I believe I would have only needed 1 lawyer. Thank You for your assistance !

5 Anyenid Lebron via

I am a returning customer, and I must say an extremely satisfied client the 2nd time around. I will definitely continue to use their services as needed. Mr. Freeman is very kind and his staff are very competent. I would recommend them to any one needing a lawyer.

5 SWA o/b/o Warren via

My experience as an agent in a landlord/tenant dispute in NJ was a learning experience at best! NJ Law…ooookay. In any case, I found Mr. Freeman to be knowledgeable and informative in this area and I am glad I chose him to represent my father in this matter. Mr. Freeman made himself available to answer all of my questions and address all of my concerns with competent legal advice in a timely and professional manner. I am glad I chose him to represent my father. Thank you.



5 fareck amos via


5 Ledia via

My mother and I truly couldn’t have asked for a better attorney as Mr. Freeman VERY DILIGENTLY and QUICKLY worked VERY hard for us as we’d gone through a painful and difficult tenant situation. Anytime I’d called or e-mailed, we received SUCH fast response which was REFRESHINGLY DIFFERENT. He ALWAYS took the time to genuinely listen with such care each time I’d consulted him re: every issue. Once he’d even spend several minutes answering questions on his day off, which showed me HOW committed and caring he is NOT just for the case handled, but FOR US as individual clients since he’d offer us assurance, hope and comforting words when fears and stress levels arose. I’d VERY HIGHLY recommend this attorney as he is HONEST, open /clear, very reasonably priced, kind, courteous, extremely professional and pleasant at all times we’ve utilized his services. Needless to say… Mr. Freeman fought for us ABOVE and BEYOND at Court and very cleverly exposed and annihilated every lie that came up at the final hearing. We can truly say he did all he could do for us working on this case and did everything in his power to help us more quickly get back to our path of freedom, ease and peace of mind once again. I thank God with all my heart for Mr. Brian Freeman, and I’m especially grateful my mother & I have found in him…a lawyer for life !!!

5 Neel Mullick via

Brian and his team were most responsive during the entire process, and very professional in following up with me and keeping me informed and up to date on how my case was progressing. Would recommend highly and work with them again gladly!

5 Sylvia via

I hired Brian Freeman to represent me in a personal injury case. I was very satisfied with how my case was handled. He has a high level of integrity and experience and I highly recommend Brian Freeman. He operates with excellence. His staff was in constant communication with me on any updates to my personal injury case. He and his staff were always accessible and returned any calls promptly. Brian Freeman is extremely knowledgeable about the law, insurance and medical rights. His staff is also very knowledgeable and pleasant. He communicated what I should expect in every step of the process. I felt that he considered my best interests and acted in such a manner that my best interests would be kept at the forefront. He was very clear and honest about the potential options and outcome of my case. He successfully settled my case with the best outcome and I’m grateful for his knowledge, advice and advocacy.

5 Whitney Mitchell via

Best described as: compassionate, patient, easy to understand the bold points instead of rambling a bunch of legal jargon at you, respectful of special circumstances, very reassuring. Spoke with Mr. Brian Freeman over a landlord/tenant issues, we are having with a tenant. Although I had already done my research, I just wanted confirmation through an attorney that handles these issues. He was very patient and reassuring that we were legally in the right. It is very stressful being a landlord and dealing with difficult tenants tactfully when the tenant themselves can’t have a civil conversation when they know when they are incorrect in their assumptions, try and convince you the landlords in the past never held them to any rules or provisions in their legally binding leases. Thank you Mr. Freeman, I am sure we will probably be speaking again soon.

5 Gina Apolinario via

Brian C.Freeman Esq and Freeman &Hugues were hired by me on a Real State matter, their professional services were excellent, highly competent, they are credited and trustworthy ,have a high ethic minded motor on my case. I would definitely suggest their services on situations that we need to be advised ,because knowledge is win,and I am a winner hiring Brian C.Freeman and Freeman and Hugues.

5 Carolane Content Smiley via


5 John via

My wife and I hired Mr. Freeman for a personal injury case. He communicates and answers questions well without excessive legal terminology. Our case was settled out of court with satisfactory results

5 paige byrd via

Great I have no complaints at all he handles his business

5 anonymous via

I would strongly recommend Mr. Freeman. He was very helpful from beginning to the end on my case. I had great confidence in him throughout my entire situation. He made it all go smoothly. He answers you about any concerns. he knows what he is doing and very respectful lawyer.

5 Jenny Torres via

Brian Freeman’s office took care of all my needs . I had and have full confidence in this law firm. I have retained Mr.Freeman on several occasions, I don’t reside in New Jersey so it was very important to me to seek some one who would have a rapport with me as to where my case is standing. That I found in Brian Freeman’s law firm. I needed that peace of mind being an out of towner that my case was in the right hands. Thumbs up to Brian C Freeman

5 Evette via

Mr. Freeman is a great person. He is very prompt with returning my calls and answering my questions. He is a easy person to talk too and also he would take the time to explain to me what is going to happen and what is each document is about. I was divorce in less than 3 months thanks to Brian Freeman

5 Tara Ventura via


5 Billy via

Atty freeman is by far the best atty that you can talk to, if you have any question just simply make a call and he really will call you back even for the simplest question that you’re going to ask, very accomodating, knowledgeable .

5 Ivonne Hernandez via

Mr Freeman is an excellent lawyer. Always answered my calls and emails. I got the results i expected and I will use Mr Freeman in the future.

5 Juan via

I recently hired Freeman Hughes Freemam, LLC to assist me in a family-divorce matter. Brian made this process seamless. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is involved in a complicated civil matter. He was able to save me a lot of money without having to go through the expense of a costly litigation.
High communication ability, Excellent quality of service, and good value for money

5 Gary Knight via

Very fulfilling experience Mr. Freeman is very professional, knows his work, and is willing to put in the extra effort to ensure that you’re satisfied as a client. I will highly recommend Mr. Freeman to anyone that’s looking for a reputable lawyer.

5 anonymous via

Brian represented my family in a landlord(us)/tenant case. He advocated for us in court with positive results. He was professional and personable. During the process, all our questions were answered and emails promptly returned. I would 100% recommend him without any reservations. Thank you Brian!

5 Natalie Anderson via

They are very professional, it was not the cheapest office I could have gone to (more in the middle as far as price goes), it was definitely one that I would use again if needed. The Attorney Anthony Dunleavy was very helpful and mindful of my situation and did his best to explain the legal process I was undertaking in full enough detail for me to understand, with out me being too overwhelmed. I am very thankful for this office other wise I would still be stuck in my bad situation. You will be in great hands if you choose them for your legal needs.

5 Jennajaglal via

I had great confidence in him throughout my entire case. He was very helpful and made it all go smoothly. He is always available and really good at getting back to you when you need to speak to him about any concerns. Everything in my case was handled in a professional and timely manner.

5 carlos suarez via

My lawyer was Brian Freeman. He did a much better job than expected. From beginning to end they kept me updated on my case, and always retuned my calls when I had a question. The bottom line of my case was much higher than I ever thought. I would strongly recommend Mr. Freeman and his firm. He took a small complicated case and did an exceptional job with it. I normally don’t write reviews, but I was so happy with Mr. Freeman and his firm I had to take a moment to show my appreciation.

5 Beatriz Baldwin via

My past experience with unaffordable legal fees and dishonest money hungry attorneys was paralyzing to me when going through the ups and downs of my custody case. Eventually, I decided to take another try at seeking legal representation. I could not have been more pleased with the support, guidance and management of my case. Legal fees were affordable and the advice was clear and to the point. The level of commitment, knowledge and professionalism provided by Mr. Freeman not only brought about the desired outcome of me and my family, the services of Freeman Hughes Freeman also restored my faith in family law.

5 Yester Walters via


5 Carlos via

My lawyer was Brian Freeman. He did a much better job than expected. From beginning to end he kept me updated on my case, and always retuned my calls when I had a question. The bottom line of my case was much higher than I ever thought. I would strongly recommend Mr. Freeman. He took a small complicated case and did an exceptional job with it. I normally don’t write reviews, but I was so happy with Mr. Freeman I had to take a moment to show my appreciation.

5 Will Travis via

How could I describe my experience with Mr. Freeman? It was the best decision that I’d made all year! His office was aggressive from start to finish and he was effective and the results exceeded my expectations.

5 Hannah via

Very satisfied with his services!
Mr. Freeman is very professional, honest, informative, and fast.
He’s only handled my case for about 4 or 5 months, but i would definitely recommend him to anyone!

5 luis mendoza via

Mr. Freeman is one of the best Attorney in Jersey City very honest and trustworthy. Thank you Mr. Freemen for your service .Highly recommend

5 Jennie via

I want to post and made known that
Mr. Freeman is a honorable man. I have known this attorney for 24 years. He represented my mother and father Silvia & Carlos Laboy in Orange N.J in and Landlord teanat case. Mr. Freeman went above and beyond to win there case with my parents Landlord.
His strive and experience and loyalty
to his clients he committed time effort to see Justice done. Mr. Freeman has been A Attorney first and a good friend.
His loyalties to his clients I can personally say that during the 24 years I have found my self in situations that I had to call on Mr. Freeman for a consult
and he faithfully has always picked up the phone and advised me what I needed to do to putting the law first.
I am honored to have met Mr. Freeman he is truly the definition of what a lawyers representation is and should be.
Very Pleased,
Jennie O

5 Tasha Morris via

Mr. Freeman was nothing less than a savior for me and my family. He took on my divorce when I was in default and had very little money to get an attorney. He got me child support and spousal support from a man who barely gave any money for our daughter and told me to my face that I would get nothing from him. My parents helped me to get the retainer money for Mr .Freeman and he got it done for me. He always spoke to me or returned my calls and listened to me even when I kept asking the same questions because I was so nervous and scared of what would happen. After he filed the first motion everything changed and the judge ordered my husband to pay child support and money to me and even part of my lawyer bill. I think that even his team was very responsive and friendly even when I called a lot. I truly thank them for putting up with me and calming me down when I needed it. I won’t think twice about telling all my friends to see mr Freeman if they have legal issues and want a lawyer who really cares and know what he is doing.

5 Aaron via

I was recommended to Mr. Freeman by a friend who he previously represented for my divorce and child support. I met with him and his friendly staff at his office in Jersey City. He give me legal advice and he represented me well. His fees were reasonable and I was very happy with the outcome of my case. Throughout the process, he always addressed my questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone

5 Liga Sosa via


5 Batie via

Mr. Freeman did an excellent job in handling my auto accident case. The office is very professional and the staff is very friendly. Every time I call the office to check on the status of my case, my concern was always address. I was very happy with my settlement offer and would definitely recommend this attorney.

5 Ronald Johnson via

I came to Mr. Freeman to handle a divorce that was pretty bitter. My ex-wife was preventing me from seeing my 2 daughters. Mr. Freeman’s fees were more reasonable then most lawyers I spoke to and he quickly resolved my problems and was able to get me a divorce without my ex-wife getting alot of money from me or my retirement money. I was more than satisfied with the results and I now use Mr. Freeman to deal with all my legal issues.

5 anonymous via

I had a wonderful experience with Mr. Freeman and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good attorney. He was very professional and gives good suggestions on a personal level as well. Even though I did not go through the divorce all the way, I felt that overall it was a learning experience.

5 Reginald Taylor via

No way that I would go to another law office after the way my case was handled by Tanya. To say that I was pleased with the results would be an understatement. While I pray that I never have to go through a divorce again if I do I won’t hesitate to have Tanya as my lawyer.

5 Malissa via

I Am a very satisfied customer with freeman law firm. This firm really helped me through my divorce case and I received my true entitlement.

5 Toni Woods via

Mr. Freeman’s office was hands on my case from start to finish and I don’t know how I could have got through my divorce with out them. I was married for over 12 years with 2 kids and a house under water and thought my world was crumbling after my husband left me flat for another woman. I had met with several lawyers before I spoke to Tanya Freeman, Brian’s wife and law partner. Tanya was simply amazing as she took her time explaining my options and answering all my questions without rushing me. I felt more relaxed with her than the other lawyers that I had spoken to before and she seemed to show genuine concern and interest in my case. The other lawyers seemed like they were rushing me and didn’t want to take time to fully explain everything to me like tanya did. I retained their office to represent me and they did an excellent job. Mr. Freeman was polished, witty and aggressive in court and it was clear that he knew everyone in the courthouse and everyone knew him. I can say that I recommend the Freemans without reservation as they were great. Thank You for being there for me!!!

5 Jeanette via

I have known Brian Freeman, Esq. for many years. Mr. Freeman has represented my family and myself at different occasions. He takes care of his clients. When you call his office you don’t talk to the secretary or the paralegal all the time. He answers and replies to every call. He is an excellent attorney.

5 Yuri Pleskin via

” Top Notch” lawyers who care about people not just money at least they was like that for me in my case. brian went to family court for me and won my case. I wanted to shout wit joy after the judge gave me custody of my kid and stopped her mother from denying me my rights with my baby girl. everything was different in court after brian got into my case and he changed my life.

5 Lynne via

Mr, Freeman was everything I expected and more. He was patient, focused, knowledgeable ,helpful and the consultation was about me and my problem not about him and how important he was. He was just GREAT. I would recommend him in a New York City Minute. And, I can not say enough good, complimentary, positive things about him. He is someone to be trusted.

5 Wilfred Elimu via


5 Vanessa via

First… I must say the man is heaven sent…. I met Mr. Freeman during court when I was summoned to court for parking violations. Brian helped me with parking violations free of charge the day of court when I had no one to represent me and gave me excellent advise on my divorce case. Unfortuantly, he could not represent me with my divorce case however all his advice came very handy and I’m using him now for my landlord/tenant issue. (He will be my lawyer of choice going foward) I referred someone to him on a divorce matter and Brian saved him from loosing his children and possible jail time when his previous attorney offered no hope at all. The man is sincerely a good person and has an excellent reputation in the court systems. Wish I could have used him on my divorce matter… he could have saved me time and mental stress…

5 Jacqui Belton via

I have used the services of Mr. Freeman and his firm for well over a decade. Every issue has been handled with courtesy, professionalism and competency.

5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman is a true professional. He displayed genuine concern for my situation by conducting follow-up phone calls and emails. He resolved my matter swiftly and I would definitely recommend Mr. Freeman to handle your legal needs. Thank you Mr. Brian Freeman!

5 Alicia Hayes via

I own a commercial building and one of my tenants started paying her rent late and then not at all. I have never had so much trouble with a tenant like I had with this woman. She call the city on me to complain about false heath code violations, caused damage to her store and then tried to blame me for not making repairs. She was like the worst tenant ever and I got no help from the court at all. I was given violations in the municipal court and when I tried to evict her in the landlord tenant court the judge said that I had to make repairs to fix things that she had broken. I thought the system was stacked against me because I was getting fined by the city and the tenant’s money was held in the landlord tenant court. I needed help and I got it from Brian Freeman. He was one of the attorneys in my legal service plan that I pay for through my job and he was like fantastic. All of my issues with the city inspectors was resolved with minimal fines and after a trial in the landlord tenant court the tenant got evicted. We are now suing that woman for all the rent that she owed me and tried to walk away from.

5 Marie Ubiadas via

The first time i set my foot in his office, and sat down with him, i know he is the right laywer that can help with my case. I went to multiple lawyer, but none of them actually listened to me, they went right on to their business, discussing about payment, but Atty. Brian Freeman quietly and attentively listened to me. His consulation was free, so i was skeptical about the advice im going to receive, but i was surprise of how thorough he expalined everything to me, he boost my confidence. He is very reassuring, and understanding. He understands where I want to be tomorrow and knows my vision for the future. And one thing I like about him is whenever i have a appointment with him, is his AVAILABILITY. He is always available for conferences at my convenience. He return my phone calls in a timely manner. I already developed rapport with atty Freeman because is trustworthy and he gives me advice that will help me save money and time. The retainer fee is high but the result and his quality of work is excellent!!!! Thank God for attorneys like him.

5 Samad Livingston via


5 jorge via

Mr freeman is a very professional very knowledgeable he keep me inform about the progress on my case and his price was very reasonable. i recommend Mr freeman 100 percent to anybody he is an excellent lawyer .

5 Gregory Smith via

I recently contacted Brian Freeman about a business contract that I was reviewing but felt that I was beyond my scope of understanding. I was extremely pleased with the attention and patience that I was afforded by Brian, even though I called him cold during a very busy day. He listened to my concerns, reviewed the document and followed up with me that evening as promised as I am a small business owner who is greatly dependent on the word and integrity of individuals. The fact that he delivered on his word is important and I will utilize him exclusively in my legal matters from now on. Gregory N. Smith Principal, Directions CCHS, LLC

5 J C via

Brian was very helpful and advised me on the case with great interest.
He was also very patient and allocated time generously to bring the case to completion.

5 Swaril Parikh via

Freeman Law Center is best law firm in my opinion. They took care of my case with great responsibility. I am so happy and blessed by them. I would recommend this firm and their lawyers specially Mr. Adam Wiseberg for Civil Case. Mr. Adam Wiseberg is confident and knows rules and regulations in real depth. I am so happy. Thank you Mr. Adam Wiseberg.

5 Angie via

My case was handled quickly without unnecessary delay. The settlement obtained was fair and just. Any and all questions I had along the way were addressed promptly and answered with great detail. I would highly recommend Mr Freeman for all your personal injury cases!

5 Kittu Ichimoku via

Mr Brian was very helpful in my legal case. He is available and advises whatever is in the best interest.

5 Grigory via

I was a client of Mr Brian Freeman relating to a car accident. Mr Freeman , besides being a wonderful, warm and friendly human being,, handled my case with high professionalism, punctuality and courtesy.
He fallowed all procedures with timely manner and perfect order, without any procrastination and with great punctuality. His staff always was friendly ind polite, executing business as it suppose to be in a place, where client has first priority.
I highly recommend Mr. Brian Freedman to anyone, who need professional advice of service.

5 Emmanuel Lyons via


5 P.R. via

Mr. Freeman is an extremely knowledgeable lawyer. Everyone in his firm is warm and welcoming and extremely competent. Mr. Freeman and his firm have handled 2 cases for me and both times I felt supported throughout the process. Mr. Freeman is extremely professional, I highly recommend his firm.

5 Paul Hope via

Brian was just wonderful and an enormous help when it came to resolving a landlord/tenant dispute in Jersey City. His extreme familiarity with the law was apparent and he promptly responded to numerous phone calls with excellent legal advice and great insight. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation or advice and will certainly use his services in future.

5 M.R. via

After having my accident, I needed a lawyer who would not only fight my case but care about it. After researching Mr. Freeman, I made the right choice. He is very helpful and respectful every step of the way. I had my accident (car) in June and in close to a year, I managed to win with his help.

I recommend him !

5 tomminterbobby via

Adam Wiseberg is the closest thing to a perfect lawyer as one could reasonably expect. Knowledge of the law and the reality of the law, conciseness, demeanor, value of his services all five stars.

5 Ben via

When I needed legal advice, a friend of the family recommended me to Mr. Freeman and I am glad that she did. In our conversation, Mr. Freeman was very professional, amicable, and knowledgeable. He had answered all of my questions thoroughly and offered a wealth of additional information to help my situation.

I would not hesitate in recommended Mr. Freeman to others or request his services again.

5 Cynthia Vasquez via

Great recommend Bryan and his team . Excellent lawyers , very knowledgeable and helpful. Very satisfied with the services provided by this firm.

5 S. Nagchoudhury via

Mr. Freeman is one of the most reputed Lawyers in the Hudson County court. He will assess your case and will take it, only if it is Credible. He provides accurate counseling and sets expectations even before taking up the cases. He is very thorough and is well prepared for court appearances. He was the 2nd Attorney in my case and in a very short period learnt everything about the case and made valid suggestions. I certainly have very high regard for him and wish him all the very best.

5 Mike B via

Freeman law center is the best lawyers in the state of New Jersey

5 Arlene via

I have been a client of Mr.Freeman for15yrs I would recommend him to anyone who need a excellent lawyer mr freeman is the only lawyer I will use because he let you know were you stand with the case he is working on ,his knowledge about the law is on point I rank my lawyer number 1 in New Jersey because he is the best.

5 Sarah Annis via


5 MarlinE via

Brian Freeman has been our family’s attorney since the early 90’s. We’d never consider turning elsewhere for legal advice/assistance. Brian and his team have come through for us time after time.

5 Angel Matos via

Great lawyer, great staff will go back anytime I need a lawyer they know what they are doing and will help you the best way they can to get the best outcome , he’s very friendly and willing to explain every bit of the process that’s going to happen thanks for everything

5 Jen via

Brian gave great legal advice as I requested a consultation from him a couple of weeks ago. I’m glad there are lawyers like him in civil society. He also well informed me of my options.

5 Kelvin Freeman via


5 Robert via

Brian Freeman did my divorce when I was 30 years old and in Jersey City. He did an excellent job then. I’m no 42, today is May 1,2014 and I called him for some advice on bankruptcy. He was just as nice and knowledgeable today as we was then. He gave me great advice and referred me to an associate of his. He is a top notch lawyer and I would recommend and use him again without hesitation. He you use him you know your problem is being handles properly.

5 Nicole K Jones via

From the moment I stepped in the door, I knew this was the law firm for me. The experience and brilliance of the lawyers in this firm matches no other.

5 Anthony via

Brian has been my lawyer for years now. Most recently he settled a landlord/tenant dispute for me in my favor. He also represented me in my divorce and did an excellent job. I recommend him

5 Marina Rossi via

Great job, I’m very happy! Mr. Freeman was very effective, responsible and professional.

5 Mohamed Ahmed via

I had a legal issue in Jersey City, New Jersey and if you are from out of state, the legal system could more like a rabbit hole. All I can say is, “Thank you very much Mr. Freeman for being there and treating me like family.”

5 Claudia Saldana via

Very good lawyer very reasonable very happy with his service


5 Donavan via

Brian is the consummate professional, he diligently pursued my case ( a lawsuit against me) and kept me thoroughly informed of it’s progress. And the conclusion reached was to my satisfaction.

5 Jaydi Jones via

Mr. Freeman is a great lawyer and i would recommend him to anyone I know. Freeman helped me in a divorce matter and guided me threw it every step of the way. I most deffinetly would pick him again if i ever get divoce again.

5 ST via

After Brian handled my divorce with remarkable skill and natural tact, making the process the least painful for both parties, I did not have to look for a lawyer to represent me in landlord/tenant case, which arose several months later.
It was not an easy one, but Brian’s professionalism, vast experience and well-earned respect in the community finally prevailed.
Personally, having hired Brian twice, in both cases I had full confidence in favorable outcome. It was a huge psychological help on top of the excellent legal service.
Add to that friendly and responsive staff, and you get legal protection others can only dream of.

5 Jens Loeffler via

Brian has been very helpful with legal guidance, quickly and concessively addressing any issues and questions. I highly recommend him.

5 Julius via

Brian handled my divorce case with superior service. I received weekday and weekend visitation with my children, more than just every other weekend sleep over time. Let’s just say, the divorce settlement was equitable and fair. Great job Brian.

5 Zina Jaludi via

Tanya Freeman was a pleasure to deal with in a very troubling time in my life because of my custody issues with my ex-husband. She was very knowledgeable, meticulous in her preparation and tenacious in court.

5 Nilo via

I have rental real estate investments in New Jersey. Brian has assisted with several evictions over the past 7 years. He and his office provide consistently prompt, effective and highly professional service. His knowledge of the process for addressing landlord/tenant issues in New Jersey is second to none. I will continue working with Brian for the foreseeable future, and can recommend him without reservation.

5 michelle sullivan via

Used this law firm for the second time, I will recommend

5 E.B. via

Brian listened to my situation and assigned a member of his team to handle my case. All possible options and outcomes were explained to me. In the end, everything went well. Great firm and great team. Very accessible and reasonable pricing. I will definitely use them for any case I may have in the future.

5 Harley Cross via

Very helpful and knowledgeable!

5 Beverly via

Hands down the best lawyer in Hudson County. I was in an accident in May and did not know who to turn to Mr. Freeman made my dilemma as speedy and efficient as possible. Thank you so much!!!

5 Darrell Roch via

So far so good

5 Denise via

I called Mr. Freeman looking for legal assistance in a Tenant/Landlord dispute (me being the tenant). Not only did Mr. Freeman give me advice but he also let me know what needed to be done and what steps to take first. He was very kind, understanding and made me feel very comfortable speaking with him. I feel that he is very knowledgeable in his field and I would recommend his legal assistance!!!

5 Timoth Michael via

Great guy….

5 Priyanka via

I wish I had found Mr. Freeman earlier, he is the best lawyer I have come across. He is very easy to talk to, very responsive, caring and wonderful to work with. His rates are also very reasonable. He helped me with 2 evictions and he was great. I highly recommend him! He was always there to answer my questions or concerns. He is a wonderful lawyer.

5 David Cosme via

Great experience

5 R.S. via

Great Lawyer, Awesome service, answered all my questions and concerns. Also got me back a very good settlement on my case ..I definitely recommend him.

5 Matthew Walker via
5 anonymous via

Brian was very responsive and has a sense of calmness and confidence and got my charge dismissed right at the arraignment.

5 D d via


5 Chris via

I hired Mr. Freeman to remove an tenant from my house. I first emailed another lawyer I found online who basically responded with a “send me a retainer and we’ll talk.” I later called Mr. Freeman who walked me through on the phone what my options were and exactly how much they would cost me. A few days later I called him back, gave him my credit card number, and after a couple of letters and notices the tenant was out. It cost about half of what I assumed it would cost before I even talked to a lawyer.

5 Aurora via

Mr. Freeman is by far the best attorney I have ever worked with. He is prompt, reliable and a caring individual who is extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He is fair and always willing to help. He has an amazing ability to reduce complex issues and simplify concepts that the average person can understand. He developed innovative litigation strategies that help me achieve my ultimate goal of obtaining custody of my child. He is practical and responsive. If ever I am in need of an attorney in the future, Mr. Freeman would be the first lawyer I would consult.

5 Katherine via

Mrs. Freeman truly exceeded my expectations, I hired him to handle a traffic matter that could have cost me a lot of money and a suspended license. However, the outcome was very favorable and his fees were very reasonable. Prior to our court appearance my phone calls and questions were always promptly answered and his staff was very professional. I would definitely use his services again in a future if needed and would highly recommend him to friends and family.

5 anonymous via

My case was based on an eviction issue, I felt like I had no where to turn since I had to come out with a large amount of money the same day of the court date by 4 pm.. i searched online and saw the reviews and profile of Mr. Freeman decided to give him a call told him my issue and he was very quick and time organized, he told me to come in to his office and by the next day my issue was solved.. he made a few phone calls and solved the problem!.. he is an EXCELLENT!!! attorney and would recommend him to anyone with any issue! Thanks Mr. Freeman! he definitely holds up his last name very well!

5 Phil via

I went to Brian for a consultation regarding issues I was having with my neighbors and landlord. He was very attentive and listened to my situation and reviewed all the documents that I had. He gave me a lot of great ideas on how to prepare and protect myself from my landlord and helped me feel much more comfortable about breaking my lease to get out of a hostile living situation. I will definitely be using him in the future!

5 Angie via

Mr. Freeman and his team are very professional and knowledgeable. I’m very pleased and happy that I retained his services for my Tenant-Landlord issues as well as housing. They handle all paperwork and court arrangements with such integrity that you feel like your case is in the best hands. You become confident that your case will be handle best way possible.

I highly recommend Mr. Freeman as the experience is reflected in his quality of work every time.

5 G-P via

I was grateful that he was able to help me understand tents rights. I look forward to using his knowledge if in the future I come across another dreadful situation with a corrupt land lord.

5 Mariam Khella via

Mr. Freeman is the best. I got full custody for my kids in no time. If you ever have any problems contact this firm and it will be solved they are all exelent and highly realible.

5 Felix via

Mr. Freeman is very knowledgeable in divorce matters. When i sought his services for my divorce, he advised me of the options available under law and gave an idea of the timeframe. So I left his office with confidence about what was the best course of action for me. Also, Mr. Freeman kept me informed diligently of the developments and returned personally my calls or responded to emails within a few minutes. Last and not least, his fees are very reasonable. I highly recommend his services!

5 anonymous via

As most people who visit lawyers office for the first time with divorce in mind, they are as vulnerable and fragile in emotions as anybody else can be, I was exactly at that state too when I first walked into Brian’s office.
Brian’s wife, who is also a lawyer has met me on the initial visit. She gave me just the adequate amount of confidence which was not exaggerated and the first time impression has carried on until the divorce papers were signed and sealed!
Divorce is no fairy tale. There is no true winner or loser. It is what you make out of it. And Brian makes every effort and is also on top of the knowledge and experience to show you such clarity while you are most likely lost in the midst of all mixture of emotions. He is clear on what you can claim and what you cannot claim (you can but you will not get what you claim when splitting marital assets).
While mine took full year since it takes 2 parties (duh-) to agree on “no fault” divorce case, Brian has provided legal advices that are true to reality and most economical (in time, money, and emotions) options. While some lawyers let their clients to drive a certain extent of absurdity as more hours mean more money, Brian gives you crisp clear answers when to do and when not to do so. When I was tempted to send nasty notices just for the sake of emotional arguments that would bring me no results, he would advise me not to, as it was nothing but wasting my money on legal fees. This I was so clearly impressed by Brian as my ex’s lawyer seemed to have been enjoying additional hourly charges to write me useless communications that did not matter in the course of legal divorce upon my ex’s request. I ended up spending about $10,000 on legal fees while my ex, to my knowledge spent over $15,000. (Brian, hope it’s ok to say this here!)
Here’s what I learned,
1. successful divorce is to get out of the marriage ASAP
2. don’t co-mingle your pre-marital funds into marital assets if you have doubts
3. don’t get caught up on splitting furnitures and households (we went crazy tossing coins and claiming down to chopsticks – and it’s all non-sense after all)
4. if you have kids try to be as specific as possible with scheduling, money, and other foreseeable expenses – this is where you should be spending all your brain cells, emotions, and energy

It took me 20 months to write this review – because 1) I was having too much fun 2) I was having way too much fun 3) and I still had so much to fulfill in my life after divorce!

Thanks to Brian, had I exhausted all my energy in fighting over nonsense, I would not have been able to see the beauty post-divorce life!
I am having the best time of my life. Found a true true love that I so dearly appreciate.
While my ex is going through the worst case of psychological illness where he believes he has cancers but doctors don’t find anything and he is now prescribed with anti-depressant!

Having the best luck to walk into Brian’s office has made all this possible.

5 anonymous via

Brian Freeman represented me in two cases. Both cases he was very easy to work with and get in touch with. He promptly returned my calls with the information I was looking for. When he represented me at trial, both times he was able to quickly and accurately respond to the judge. His fees were very reasonable. I feel so confident to recommend him to friends and family. He is a attorney that you want on your side.

5 anonymous via

Mr. Brian C. Freeman is an attorney you want on your side. He will fight for what is right and always proves that his client deserves what right and best. Mr. Freeman is not one to give up, my case was very complicated as I reside across the country and every matter that came up Mr. Freeman was able to represent me without my presence. In the end all alleged charges were dropped against me and the courts saw that it was all mal intent from the victim. Thank you so much for your professional work Mr. Brian C. Freeman

5 Jack via

I first saw Brian in court when I was represented by a different lawyer in a landlord-tenant case, and I was very impressed by how Brian handled his case and how much the judge respected him.
When I had to take the same tenants to court again (these were the worst tenants ever!), I contacted Brian and asked him to represent me.
He was flexible with his time, agreeing to meet me early in the morning. He was able to analyze the case very quickly and kept me focused on the main issue (which was to get the tenants out of the house for not paying the rent in a long time).
In just one hearing in court, and with a lot of patience while the tenants lied again in court and tried to gain more time of “free rent”, Brian stayed focus on the main goal and was able to get a judgment that forced the tenants to (finally) leave.
Brian was successful, where others were not. In addition to the final result, his guidance throughout the process, and the dedicated team in his office all make me confident in highly recommending Brian for any landlord-tenant issues case, especially for difficult cases.
Not only is he a good lawyer and well known in Jersey City; Brian is a nice person and pleasant to work with.

5 Steven Nelson via

I had a divorce case with Mr.Brian C. Freeman , Mr. Freeman is an excellent attorney, kept me informed along the way, and made me understand the process. All odds were against me and yet Mr. Freeman and staff put my mind at ease. Truly the attorney you want to respresent you in court talented and well versed in the law. Mr. Freeman staff is understanding during your time of need . Divorce case happy with my results.

5 anonymous via

While I was in a difficult position, Brian offered to represent me.

While in the courthouse the opposing attorney acted very aggressive and rude. Brian was able to remind the other attorney of the law in no uncertain terms and was able to even the playing field which allowed me to settle on the terms I was looking for.

Thank you Brian.

5 anonymous via


5 Julie via

I was injured while at my job and even through my supervisor saw me get hurt when I fell I got no pay while I was home recovering and my job didn’t want to give me medical treatment. I was referred to Brian by a friend who he had represented before and he got me treatment and disability pay. I was able to get therapy and an MRI where they found that I was really hurt worse than they thought. I got my case settled for more money than I thought I would get and I can reopen my case again too. I was very very happy with Brian and his office staff, especially Angie the paralegal who worked on my case.

5 Chang via

Freeman and company performed for me in my case where I was being sued by a credit card company and got the whole case dismissed. I didn’t have to pay nothing and it got taken off my credit report too.

5 Andre via

I have only great things to say about my experience with Brian. EVERYTHING that he said was going to happen…happened! Not only did it happen, it happened EXACTLY how he said it was going to happen. And the results, they were what I NEEDED to happen!!!! Thanks again Brian

5 anonymous via

My family and I find Brain Freeman number listed in the yellow pages. So we gave him a call because we needed help with our landlord. Our landlord that we believe who was the landlord really wasnt the landlord, so the entire time my family was paying the wrong person. Also to top it off the house went into foreclosure with out my family being informed,many fines on the house, and not supplying heat. When I told Mr. Freeman my situation he help my family to the end. We didnt owe any money back to the landlord for the times we didnt pay rent. Brian Freeman put a BIG SMILE on my family face, so now we are moving out with all our money into somewhere better.

5 Victor via

What this man did for me in court was nothing short of amazing!!!!! He is my go to guy if I got any more court cases

5 Bobby via

The law offices of Freeman Hughes Freeman is truly a bargain in getting quality legal representation for family law/divorce cases. Both Brian and Tanya are caring and aggressive advocates who keep you informed of everything that is going on in your case. I was told from the beginning of what to expect, what they could do for me and what was expected of me. There were no surprises and I felt like I was an important part of the process all the time.
When Tanya was drafting a motion for me to see my kids and to get money out of joint accounts held by my wife and I, we met for like two hours and she crafted paperwork that clearly told my story and wasn’t finished until I approved it. Tanya argued the motion in court and she was smooth, articulate, forceful and very convincing. What is hard to believe is that Tanya has only been admitted to the bar for about four months yet she has the presence of an attorney that has been practicing for many hearts. She had been a paralegal for Brian for years and I guess that he taught her well. I could go on and on singing the praises of Brian and Tanya but the bottom line is that they achieved what they promised me and more. If all lawyers were like them the system would be better.

5 Cherrie via

I have used Mr Freeman for an auto accident years ago and he helped me tremendously, he’s very professional and does great follow-up work. I’ve known him for over 15 years and whenever I need to call for advice on a particular matter he is more than willing to assist in any way.

When he takes your case he will own it and do everything there is to be done and you won’t have to track him down, I will continue to retain this lawyer whenever possible knowing everything will be alright.

5 Manuel via

Very Proffesional. Helped me received more time with my son then I expected. Very aggressive lawyer when I was at court, tried to get as much for me as possible. Also, very responsive as far as answering all my questions when I call him

5 anonymous via

I would recommend Mr. Freeman who has any type of legal issues. He is very knowledgeable about the law. I had him for a landlord/tenant dispute, and he made me feel very comfortable, we didn’t even have to go in front of judge. Mr. Freeman is a good lawyer to have on your side., he will fight for your case.

5 anonymous via

I decided to work with him after interviewing with other 2 attorneys. And I’m glad I made the right decision. It was an easy process, they took care of pretty much everything. His charges were reasonable, he is very knowledgable and professional, and his staff were nice too. I would definitely recommend his services. Thank you!

5 Yesenia Howell via

Brian Freeman’s law firm is a family oriented firm that caters to your needs. They are very knowledgable and prompt when dealing with your case. They are reasonable and understand that everyone doesn’t have money for attorney fees but they still represent you with diginity & respect. Highly recommended

5 anonymous via

If I had to recommend any lawyer for a child support case, Brian Freeman would be the one. He is very legit with his work, opened minded, and see’s beyond the point.. Mr. Freemen is very pleasant to work with. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman took care of my divorce and name change and I was very satisfied with his work. He took care of everything for me and always kept in touch. I would recommend his services. Thank you and your staff for your diligent work.

5 anonymous via

I was involved in a pretty complicated leaving the scene of accident case where i was not even aware something had happenened.
It could have been worse but Brian represented me very well in the court & got the case dismissed without a trial.
His charges were very reasonable & his staff was very nice to interact with.
I would highly recommend Brian.

5 Yvette via

Brian and Tanya really fought hard for me in my divorce and believe me, my husband tried to make everything an issue, custody, child support, the house and even an insane request for alimony! It seemed like I was in court on a different motion every month, but each time Brian made my case before the judge and I won. Twice I was awarded attorneys fees by the judge because of my husband’s attorney’s bad faith in filing the motions.
I thought the team work displayed by Brian and Tanya and their staff was extraordinary and while their fees were expensive, they did earn every penny by getting me good results. I will always recommend their office to my family members and friends who need a good lawyer. I also want to say that I found their office from going online with google and Avvo and reading the reviews. I can truly say that my experience was similar to what I read from other reviews. I guess some things online you can believe.

5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman paved the pathway for me to get parenting time with my daughter. He is very knowledgeable, personable and trustworthy.

5 R. Gomez, Esq. (Bergen County) via

I am a practicing lawyer in Bergen County, R. Gomez, I very much endorse and recommend Brian Freeman for your legal needs. I have seen him in action in court and he knows his stuff. He’s been around a long time and almost everyone in the courts knows and has heard of him. They all have pleasant things to say about him. He comes to court prepared and ready to resolve his cases in the best interests of his client.

5 Jocelyne via

Mr. Freeman and his wife Tanya were great with my child relocation case. They always made sure to give both ends of things so that my expectations were realistic. In the end Brian was able to work with my ex’s lawyer at the first court appearance and come to an agreement without ever setting foot in the court room. I never thought that would be an option but couldn’t be happier with the time and grief that was saved! I highly reccomend Brian Freeman!

5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman did his best for me. He reduced 7pts BS violation to no points. In this situation, it’s always either points or money, and Mr. Freeman navigated it well. Always accessible, responsible, and knowledgeable. Thank you!

5 Amanda via

Mr. Freeman represented me in a personal injury case and I could not be happier with the results. He carefully listened to all the details of the incident, was always quick to respond to my questions and provide me with updates on my case. His office staff was equally pleasant to deal with and were also very responsive to my emails. I am very happy with the outcome of my case and would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer for a personal injury claim.

5 Bobby via

Reading the reviews of Mr Freeman’s office on avvo and google led me to retain him for my divorce and we went to hell and back for almost a year fighting with my wife’s attorney. I can say that all through the process Brian and Tanya were simply fantastic in keeping me informed and explaining every detail in language I could understand . They fought hard and smart until we finally got a fair settlement and put the divorce through. I experienced all that I had read about in other people’s reviews in a positive way and just like many of their clients I give a big thumbs up to the Freemans and highly recommend their law office without reservation!! They proved that you can believe the online reviews.

5 Renzo via

Mr. Freeman represented me in my divorce proceedings and was very knowledgeable of the whole process, walking me through it and helping me to understand the ins and outs of what is ultimately a hellish situation. He will fight for you.

5 PNR via

Mr. Freeman was very through in his approach to my case. first listening to the details of my case and providing insight into various options available to me.
Once he took on the case, he was extremely proactive, reaching out to me by telephone and following up in writing.
He also demonstrated very good knowledge of the case process, law courts and eventually did what he could to ensure that the case was concluded without any delays on his part.
I highly recommend his services.

5 DAMIEN via


5 Brandon V. Davis via

He handled my cases with the care and expertise you want from any attorney. I was always contacted within a timely manner. I was made to feel like my case was his highest priority.

5 Allen via

Mr. Freeman recently handled a case for one of my clients. He and his staff were very attentive and quick to respond. Mr. Freeman was able to attain a dismissal for my client in a fraction of the time of other attorneys. I would highly recommend Mr. Freeman.

5 Emma via

I was injured in 2009 due to a car accident and a friend of mine recommended that I speak with Mr.Freeman regarding my rights. I am so glad I made that call. He was very professional and caring during the entire process. No matter how silly I thought that question was he or Angie answered it. I appreciated his honesty and genuin concern about my health. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a great lawyer and attentive staff.

5 Jessica via

Mr. Freeman gives lawyers a good name. I had no idea what I was getting into as I was a victim of domestic violence with children. He made sure that I received protection as well as support from my children’s father. He’s also very understanding and compassionate and there with me every step of the way. I wouldn’t know how to handle this extremely difficult case without him.

5 Cassandra via

Mr. Freeman was recommended by my job at the post office. He not only helped me settle a harassment case, but he also handled my child custody/support case beautifully! I was really going through it with my ex-husband and getting no financial help. Mr. Freeman helped me to see that I could resolve this issue. He said to me “you can get full custody of your kids and get child support too”. I was doubtful because I’d been through so much. I put my trust in him and he got me FULL custody and child support just like he said. Brian Freeman is a very intelligent lawyer who is sharp and stays on top of things. He knows his craft as a fine lawyer and I would recommend him to any and everyone. He’s one of the best lawyers around!

5 LeRoy via

I found Mr. Freeman and his associates to be very professional, timely, and responsive with what I consider to be a very difficult case. Their attention to details put my mind at ease and allowed us to put forward the best case possible. I was pleased with the legal research done on my behalf. In addition, the para legal assigned to my case kept me up to date on all information.

5 anonymous via

This is a really excellent law firm that did my divorce two years ago and was really on the ball. the staff from top to bottom was caring and kept me informed as to everything going on in my case. My calls got returned, my questions answered and my case was settled in less than two months.

5 Milly Saez via

Brian Freeman is an excellent attorney & if you want to be sure in winning your case he is the attorney you want on your side!! The office staff was excellent as well I recommend Brian Freeman for everyone I know.

5 Philip via

interviewed four lawyers in a tenant landlord matter. This guy was hands down the best. very professional, knew the law inside out and didnt look to build fees. straight shooter. and his office staff were very responsive.

5 anonymous via

Brian Freeman is a very knowledgeable attorney. I hired Mr. Freeman for a prenuptial agreement and he was very helpful in this long process. He would work with me to come up with creative ways to structure the agreement and would be more than happy to brainstorm ideas that I had. When I hired an attorney, I wanted one that would be patient, listen to my unique situation and offer solutions that met my needs as opposed to someone who would just structure a cookie cutter agreement and take my fees. I went through 3 attorneys before settling with Mr. Freeman and am very happy with my choice. I would highly recommend him.

5 William via

Great and quick results. Did all the work for me at a great price. Will definitely recommend Mr. Freeman to friends and family if needed. 20+mph speeding ticket which carries 4pts was brought down to an unsafe driving ticket 0pts.

5 Nelly via

Due to my apartment being under foreclosure, and a menacing “new owner of the building” taking over. I was harrassed to point where the judicial system was needed. I was lucky enough to be referred to Brian Freeman & our case was settled and justice was served. I am so grateful for having him on my side. h an outstanding lawyer. He really made me feel at ease, and I felt very confident in his capabilities. After constant battling with the monster “new owner” of the building, justice was served. I am so grateful for having Brian on my side

5 Curtis Y via

Brian C. Freeman is the best lawyer in New Jersey. I had the great honor to work with Brian his compassion, dedication, knowledge, and skill is unparalleled. He knows how to make sure you are protected and informed throughout any case process. I wholeheartedly recommend clients to him when they are in great need of help. I would highly recommend this firm!! Brian C. Freeman, along with his staff was very truthful with me and devoted a lot of time and energy into every aspect of my case. Brian C. Freeman was very attentive and responsive. He responded promptly to any of my concerns, and was very personable and patient in explaining any legal matters with me. He worked quickly and his fees were reasonable, and I felt his concern for me, not just as a client, but as a human being. Could not have asked for better help with my legal situation!! Would refer him over & over! Very impressive. I am very pleased with the outcome of my past situation with theft of my car.

5 anonymous via

When I first met with the lawyer he was very patient in answering my questions and giving me suggestions on what how to prepare for divorce. I felt very comfortable with him and his wife Tanya who is his head paralegal. it was a very difficult and emotional journey but I made it through the process with a very good settlement and my sanity intact. If my case was typical of how the Freeman office handles its cases you can not find a better lawyer. I got great service and great results I could not have asked for more. I highly recommend this office without hesitation.

5 Steven via

Brian represented me in New Jersey for a traffic violations problem. He explained my options clearly and called in the Officer who wrote one of the violations and saved me from having excessive points put on my drivers license. His fee was reasonable and I would not hesitate to call him again for expertise.

5 Glenn via

Mr. Freeman Is Extremely Professional, Patient, & Informative. He Continues To Counsel Me & Everyone I Recommend. My Family Keeps His Office Phone Number Accessible At All Times.

5 Paul via

Brian C. Freeman @ Law Offices of Brian C Freeman, LLC and his team provided me with solid legal support and exceptional service. My landlord attempted to evict me and raised my rent after I complained about conditions in my apartment. After 14 years of being an ideal tenant the landlord refused to talk or negotiate. I tried to exercise my rights as outlined in the NEW JERSEY TRUTH IN RENTING GUIDE but I wasn’t prepared for the reprisals the landlord would seek. The landlord’s lawyer sent me certified mail notices of legal action delivered to me on December 24th. Where was I going to get help during the holidays to respond to the landlord’s lawyer by the 1st of January? On Monday and Tuesday I called and visited law offices and no one wanted to help me. I found Brian Freeman online Wednesday and within 30 minutes I walked into his office without an appointment. His receptionist said he was booked for the day but would check to see if he was available. Mr Freeman saw me within minutes for a free consultation. Immediately he put me at ease and took my case. I received exceptional legal service and attention from Mr Freeman and his legal team. From that day on I was properly represented by a Mr. Freeman. Two lawyers on his staff took as much care with my case as did Mr. Freemen. My landlord has now relented and has no case for eviction. My landlord accepted responsibility for needed repairs and the work is now in progress. Myself and my family are no longer under duress and can return to peaceful living in our apartment thanks to the efforts of Brian C. Freeman @ Law Offices of Brian C. Freeman, LLC. Recommended.

5 robert via

Himself and his staff were professional and courteous. The outcome of my case was very satisfactory to me. I would recommend his services to anyone.

5 Joshua via

Mr. Freeman kept me informed on all aspects of my case and also made sure that Jersey City Municipal Courts were also informed as far as keeping my paperwork up-to-date. I also feel Mr. Freeman showed great concern towards my case and was very professional at all times in meetings and also representing me in court. He knows his profession well and is very knowledgeable concerning legal affairs, I would definitely higher Mr. Freeman again and would also recommend him.

5 anonymous via

After I was stopped by police and charged with eluding, I needed a lawyer. Mr Freeman always kept me informed on what was going on. He is a trustworthy individual and is very knowledgeable when it comes to the law. He attempted all his avenues to have the charges downgraded. In the end he worked with the prosecutor and I entered the PTI program, never having to go to trial.

5 Barbara via

I was lucky enough to find Brian when I needed help with a speeding ticket. He was generous with his time and thoughtful with his recommendation. He and his office assistant followed through until the end in a very professional way. I would recommend him without reservation.

5 Alfia via

Mr. Freeman handled my divorce case at a high professional level, especially considering the fact that I was not present in the US. All correspondence between us was done in a timely manner via e-mail or post. My questions were answered and the case went smoothly from the very beginning to the end. All the necessary documents were prepared and reviewed professionally. Mr Freeman also represented me in the court and all I had to do is to call the court for the hearing. We never met personally but as a client I felt that I had a personal attention to my case. Thank you Mr. Freeman for making the difficult process of divorce so much easier for me.

5 Mr. Jerome and Mrs. Tonja Fowler-Evans via

Brian Freeman is a family Oriented Lawyer who can provided many areas of Legal Representation for you and your family. I have know him for well over 20 years and would recommend him to handle anything you need legally. He has handle Car/Auto Accidents, Divorce and other legal matter for my family and I. Brian Freeman has become more than just a Legal figure in my family. He has become a lifelong friend. Putting your trust in this Law Firm could be the best thing you can ever do.

5 Steven via

Brian is very professional and keeps you informed. He work hard and does his best to please his clients.

5 daniel via

Mr. Freeman is an excellent lawyer, he helped me every step of the way threw my divorce. He successfully accomplished my case, and i definitely would recommend him to others.

5 Tom via

I had a traffic violation that was handled by Brian and his office in a very professional and satisfactorily manner. On the initial consultation Brian advised me on what he could do and followed through on the day of court.

5 Sonia via

Mr. Brian Freeman was the first attorney I had to deal with. This was my first time i needed to have attorney represent me in court. I went to visit his office after receiving a letter in the mail, I was very impressed with how nice, informative and helpful he was about my case. He handled my case with the care and compassion. The case was eventually dismissed! 🙂

5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman was the first attorney I had to retain, I was very impressed about the fact of me visiting his office one day, he reviewed my case and gave me a quote of what it would cost to retain him. I called him on Monday and was able to retain him on friday. He handled my case with the care and compassion.

5 Justin via

Brian is an excellent attorney. He is hardworking, bright and very responsive. He can see the forest from the trees, and values his relationships with his clients. He has been generous with his time and has steadfastly focused on helping me resolve an ongoing landlord tenant-dispute, rather than just racking up billable hours.

5 Hiren via

i had a case court date on monday and i called him on friday, he accept that and came to court. my case was completed on same day without any issue and it went as he told me on call.

5 anonymous via

I had the unfortunate luck of running into the local police for a traffic offense and I contacted Brian to represent me. From the start he was very clear what the likely outcome would be and assured me that he would do everything required to take care of the ticket. I had to have the date changed for the court appearance and that was all taken care of by the Brian’s office. Once I attend court Brian had already agreed with the prosecution what the reduced fine would be and I was in and out in minutes. I am so glad that I had Brian representing me and would definitely recommend he again and will keep a record of his details if ever needed (hopefully not though). Price wise I think he was fair and I was happy with the fee charged.

Thanks for all your help Brian – a pleasure!



5 Juan via

I own two three family houses and have had my share of problems with tenants who don’t pay rent or don’t comply with their leases. Brian has been representing me for over 3 years and he has always provided excellent service and aggressive representation in and out of court. His paralegal Vanessa is a pleasure to work with and I always know what is going with my case. My phone calls are returned and any questions I have are answered.

5 Mario via

Brian was very professional and diligent in resolving my case. If you are looking for a results driven counsel, Brian is your choice.

5 Candi via

I am having an issue with a non-paying tenant and Brian gave me sound advice, which didn’t benefit him financially. He is very experienced, very personable, and I am 100% satisfied that I made the right choice calling him.

5 anonymous via

Thomas and Sharita Scott would like the entire world to know that Mr Brian Freeman previously took on a serious case concerning our issue and this attorney handled the case properly with care and concern and we would never forget him because he resolved our issue in the court of law and if there’s anyone who needs a criminal lawyer Brian Freeman is the lawyer we would recommend ever time, we would like to say thank you once again Mr Freeman our life is so much better.

5 Tracy via

Wonderful and professional. He helped me when no other attorney would.

5 Nancy H. via

As an attorney, I have had the opportunity to work with Brian on a number of cases. He is a skilled negotiator, who does not give up easlily. Impressive court room/advocacy skills. Nancy H.

5 Steven Penaranda via

Every other lawyer said it was a lost case until Freeman came to the picture… He knows the law.

5 Charlette via

Attorney Freeman was honest, compassionate and extremely helpful. There was one area that my case required outside assistance rather than leaving me to research the information myself, attorney Freeman took steps to get me in touch with a company that specialized in my particular needs. I am happy to say that the only thing left for me to do was pay for the service. Thank you attorney Freeman and keep up the excellent work. CH

5 anonymous via

Mr Freeman helped me with a child support/alimony issue I was having with expert knowledge and great responsiveness. He and his staff were very courteous and knowledgeable.

It was a great experience and I would definitely use Mr Freeman’s firm again

5 Francesca via

I would highly recommend Brian Freeman. He is always professional and a gentleman. Mr. Freeman is attentive to the needs of his clients and he genuinely cares for their well being. Finally, I would recommend Brian Freeman because he is knowledgeable, diligent and has a very good repoire with clients, attorneys and judges with whom he is working.

5 Leny via

Professional – on time on each court date, came ready and polite to the court staff and prosecutor. Talk just enough to them, not pushy but proactive, Dress cleanly and appropriately
Skillful – presents his argument, pokes holes in police reporrt in a manner that Prosecutor takes it.
Speedy – did not waste time. After two court dates, case was dismissed

5 Humberto via

I was having all kinds of problems with child support and visitation rights. I tried to handle these problems myself, but that proved futile. I made the mistake of entering the court without an attorney and the outcome was more frustrating than I expected. I never entered a courtroom, but after my first attempt I knew that I could not do it alone. A friend referred Mr. Brian Freeman and I was grateful that I had his representation. The proceedings were nothing like I expected, but Mr. Freeman assisted me throughout the whole ordeal. Mr. Brian Freeman was relentless in his effort to gain my requests and the final outcome was to my satisfaction. He provided me the opportunity to contact him on any of my concerns and responded efficiently and in a timely matter. My conflicts with this situation are behind me now and Mr. Freeman followed up to make sure that I was receiving my adequate child support payments and any further complications that may arise. I am pleased that I had Mr. Freeman represent me on this matter and will continue to use his services in the future if necessary. He is an excellent attorney.

5 anonymous via

I used Mr. Freeman’s services this past winter. It is an ongoing saga between my ex-husband and I, along with our 9 year old daughter. Though I have used several different attorneys in the past, I found Mr. Freeman much more knowledgeable than others I have used. I am out of state, so all of our communication with through email and on the phone until my court date. He was very responsive to my questions and was also very thorough.

Mr. Freeman was very comfortable in the Hudson County courthouse and knew everybody. And more importantly, everyone had a very positive response towards him.

My ex’s attorney is a real creep (aren’t they all?), but really, he takes the cake. He was yelling and stomping and practically foaming at the mouth while they were negotiating in the hallway before going in to the courtroom. Mr. Freeman kept his cool the whole time, never backed down and we got what we needed without him stooping to the level of the other attorney.

He is now the only attorney I will go to regarding this matter.

5 Teresita via

During my first contact with my lawyer, he had thoroughly advised me of my situation and the legal options I have following my slip and fall accident. I was advised what legal documents need to be filed, and what to expect. I was also advised to provide medical and therapy results and advise them if medical treatment has been completed. Throughout the process, I was contacted by email, by telephone, or personal visit and meetings at the lawyer’s office. As advised by attorney, I have forwarded to his office all medical bills, and other communications I received related to the accident. Likewise, I was provided copies of all documents and letters the attorney’s office issue regarding my case. I was always advised on status of negotiations resulting to the early settlement of the case. I believe the lawyer has his client’s best interest a priority and I would hire the lawyer again in the future if need arises. I would also recommend the lawyer to my friends and relatives.

5 Bonita via

We found Mr. Brian C Freeman to be extremely knowledgeable and very responsive in regards to our case. We have emailed him with various questions and concerns in the morning and by mid-morning he has gotten back to us. Our case is current and still ongoing but things look real good. We have used Brian Freeman for other things in the past and all with favorable outcomes. Brian C Freeman has a very professional, curtious staff and we highly recommend their services. Thank you for your continued help.

5 Peter via

Brian Freeman handled two cases for me over the past 5 years, and each time I WON the case and what I wanted. This is amazing for me since I am a single dad and usually it is tougher for the Law to side with the Dad. However with Brian Freeman as my lawyer I was extremely confident I would win my case, and I did, both times.

I would use Brian Freeman again, and would recommend his as an excelllent Family Case Lawyer to anyone, without any hesitation!

5 anonymous via

He handled my case of extended parenting time with a very high level of competence such that he was able to win the case. He is a very professional,experienced, and respectable lawyer who will give you peace of mind with his words of wisdom.

5 anonymous via

He was prompt, informative and handle the case with remarkable efficiency. My offense was reduced and I paid the fine without points and was finished within an hour

5 Natalia via

I am writing with great pleasure to recommend Mr. Freeman. I am a former and current client as well, of Mr. Freeman. Mr. Freeman handled a family divorce case, previous personal injury case and now an additional personal injury case to different satisfied members of my family.

Mr. Freeman is an extremely bright attorney and has a rare blend of analytical and inter-personal skills. I believe his numerous strong achievements are self explanatory of his worthiness. He has demonstrated extraordinary diligence and perseverance through out all of my needs to say the least. What I enjoyed the most of Mr. Freeman was how he would always pay close attention to all of the details and his thoroughness, his kindness, his thoughtfulness, his concern, his respect and overall, his SUPPORT, all while a big old smile on his face.

His meticulous approach in problem solving is exceptional while he has strong confidence in his abilities to carry out individual’s cases. Moreover, Mr. Freeman has a gift of gab which enhances his performance during cases.

I am certain Mr. Freeman will leave you happy and fully satisfied with your case results in which both Mr. Freeman and yourself will blissfully benefit of the amazing outcome of the service. I highly recommend Mr. Freeman to handle your case, your needs and your concerns.

Mr. Freeman is not only an attorney to my family and myself, but also someone I have tremendous trust and confidence in.

~~ Natalia Velez

5 Claudina via

Mr. Brian Freeman was referred to me by an acquaintance that claimed he was good. On a short notice to the court date Mr. Freeman took on my case and once I saw him in his realm I knew that he was everything my friend stated and more. He handled the child support and visitation rights case effectively and the outcome was better than expected. He is very reliable and responded to all of my concerns in reference to the case either through phone calls, emails or visits to his office. He demonstrated interest in my case and did a follow up to make sure all my requests were met. Lawyers are easy to find, but a good lawyer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Mr. Brian Freeman truly is a good lawyer and I would not step into any future court proceedings without his representation. If you’re seeking a good attorney look no further.

5 R Chie via

I had lost an eviction hearing to a a well documented slumlord, never having my side heard. I did the worst things one could do; I agreed to settle before a judge hears the case, I signed a binding agreement to pay on the lordlord’s word to make repairs, and I tried to go into court with the advice of a legal aid (who would tell the landlord everything I was about to do (“as per legal instruction,” she would say). All her half given advice did was help me stay a step behind. After the eviction was through the A. Oguh sued for back rent and breach of contract because me and my family moved out of his mice, roach and bedbug infested dwelling. Enough was enough! He was suing for $3,000 and we only had $1,678 saved. I’m glad we infested our trust in Brian Freeman because at the end of a loooonnnng day, we were set with a win, and enough ammo to sue the landlord for not doing the right thing. Brian proved very knowledgeble in the way of landlord/tenant law, and struck a dagger of justice right into the mouth of the landlord’s deceitful tales.

5 Bacilio via

Mr. Brian C.Freeman has been my attorney now for the past couple of years . Mr.Freeman is trustworthy and knowledgeable in many aspects of the law I would recommend him to all my friends and family.

5 Jennifer via

Brian assist me with a tenant issue I was having with my landlord and he settled my case the exact way I wanted it to be settled…in my favor! I would recommend him to represent my friends and family.

5 Alfred via

Brian Freeman has a thorough understanding of the law. Brian’s ability to comprehend the law and knowing them inside out makes him stand out from the rest. These qualities are crucial to being a successful lawyer because attorneys have to use laws in their clients’ favor. I was dealing with a domestic violence case and Brian was able to give me the insight needed to have all charges dropped. Brian was able to determine what penalties I would face and what level of evidence was needed to convict me. With this knowledge Brian is able to find ways to give his clients an advantage in trials.

5 anonymous via

Mr, Freeman help me with my divorce, was fast, and very efficient. I am very satisfied with his professionalism, in one word excellent!

5 Marlon via

I just got back from court and I have to say that I am satisfied with the results. What stood out, about my atttorney, was his consistency. From talking on the phone, consulting in person, and finally at court. Throughout the whole process I felt at ease because of his exceptional communication skills. He is a natural at his craft and personable. This experience was like an education on how an ethical business should be run and an example of what a profession should be like. Subjectively I believe that he can triumph at everything he sets his mind to do which is a favorable trait that comes in handy for the cases he is presented with. I approve and highly recommend his services.

5 anonymous via

I had a relocation (out of the country) case for my son. It was a long and not easy case. Since the beginning Brian and his staff, specially his wife helped me out on every step of the way, on every little detail and with the best and positive attitude. Relocation was granted!!! I will always be thankful to them!!! I highly recommend Brian!

5 Thomas via

Mr. Freeman has been my attorney for over 10 years. As a landlord / owner of rental property, he has successfully assisted me with landlord tenant issues. He is quick to understand the cases brought before him and very proficient with good solutions in resolving multiple issues. I have and would recommend Mr. Freeman to anyone in need of a honest and competent attorney.

5 Mark Velger via

I’ve found Mr Freeman to be friendly, always accessable, and courteous. Despite the fact you immediately realize you are dealing with an intelligent, competent lawyer, you are disarmed a little when you have a good listener that’s down to earth in front of you. I’ve found Mr Freeman to be generous with his time and advice, and I appreciate it. I recommend him without hesitation. I feel you can entrust him with any important issue in your life and not look back.

5 PeterS. (fdx) via

I must say the office is always ready to handel your case.No matter how big and how small i had many little and big legal challanges.and Brian and staff was on it with a follow up phone call to a visit at Court.and i must say when i went to Court i was out of there fast with the best outcome.

5 anonymous via

Brian C Freeman was very knowledgeable and communicated very well about all the procedures for my trial. He kept me informed of the entire process, let me know what to expect and definitely delivered the results I was looking for. I couldn’t have asked for a better result at court.

5 Latesha via

This is the second time I used Brian Freeman’s services and at both times I was very satisfied. He is very affordable and his staff as well as himself were very professional and knowledgable about their clients.

5 Anthony via

I was extremely nervous since this was my 1st contact with the (criminal? justice) system. Brian’s knowledge of, and relationships within the system, allowed him to handle my situation quickly and my case was ultimately dismissed completely. Brian’s confident and relaxed demeanor in the courtroom was very reassuring. I would highly recommend Brian’s firm without hesitation. Thank you Brian!!

5 Julian via

I was represented in a child custody and support case in the Bergen County superior court by Mr. Freeman and I wholly agree with the other reviews that I have read. My experience was a positive one as I won my case. I do think that the difference that I found between Freeman’s office ‘s and other lawyers that I have used is that he really seemed to care about my case and his staff was the same way. I always thought that my case was important by the way I was treated. My calls were promptly returned and all my questions were answered. I even received copies of letters sent out on my case to the court and the other attorney. This was a very professional office and was well run.

5 Demetrius via

I would use Mr. Freeman as my attorney for future professional legal matter’s. And I will allso reccomend him to my family and friend’s for any and all of there legal matter’s. He is very professional, and take’s the time to talk to his client’s and give them his professional opinion.

5 Danny via

Good communication and skilled attorneys that made my case a successful one.

5 anonymous via

I am a small business owner operating a convience store in Bergen county and had a probelm with my distributor. I met Brian at a social affair and told him about my situation and I later retained him to represent me in my lawsuit. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Brian’s office, I really was impressed by the service and quality of representation that I received. I do agree with some of the other reviews, he is expensive but he was truly worth it.

5 anonymous via

We had a problem with a harassing and abusive landlord. Mr. Freeman was very helpful, knew the law and assisted us greatly in making sure we were well represented. He facilitated the complete and satisfactory resolution of that issue. I fully recommend him.

5 Dawn via

Having a legal problem is never something I thought that I would be facing, but I had an issue in the municipal court concerning an illegal apartment. The fines that the City was threatening with were substantial and I was worried that I would have a lien on my property if I couldn’t pay. I had Mr. Freeman represent me in court and boy oh boy everything went alright. I did pay a fine but far less than I had anticipated and I was able to resolve the case and go on with my life. I thank you Mr. Freeman for your work on my case.

5 anonymous via

I have never had a better experience with a lawyer than I have had with Mr. B, he really came through for me in my family court case. I had been doing my case without an attorney and getting no where. After I got Brian everything changed and I finally started to see some daylight at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know what would have happened without him in court.

5 anonymous via

Had a heartbreaking breakup with my wife after almost 15 years of marriage and she hit me with a divorce complaint. I didn’t know what to do or who to call to be my lawyer. Fortunately I got referred to Brian and he help get me through the toughest year of my life. My divorce just went through last week and he really protected my rights and worked out a very fair agreement with my ex’s lawyer that allows me to go on with my life and be equally part of my children’s lives. I won’t just be a support check or an every other weekend father. I thank Brian and his office staff for the way they worked my case.

5 anonymous via

I was very impressed with the staff at this office. I had a will and power of attorney done and the level of service was exceptional. I really felt like my business was important. I would use this office again if I had another legal issue

5 Jorge via

I was injured on my job and I was referred to Brian’s office by a friend who had used him in an accident case before. I thought the office was very service oriented as I was always kept informed as to the status of my case and all of my phone calls or e-mails were timely responded to. The attorney who went to court with me was a very knowledgeable and explained the settlement process to me before I went before the judge to put the settlement on the record. All in all it was a good experience as I was quite satisfied with the amount of the settlement.

5 Daniel via

This is one tough cookie! He went to war for me in a nasty custody case and cleaned house. I found Brian from the reviews posted here and met with him to discuss my probelms. I liked his talk and retained him to handle my case. It took two hearing days for the case to end but when the smoke cleared the judge ruled in my favor. I did spend a lot of money but it was worth it. I highly recommend Brian, he really handled my ex’s attorney and it was a job well done!!

5 Janine via

As we all know, divorce is a traumatic experience in and of itself. The process of getting divorced is just as trying, however, with the guidance of Mr. Brian C. Freeman, the entire process took less than three months. In addition, to it being expediant, Mr. Freeman made is as painless as possible.
I would not hesitate to refer this attorney to any family member or friend who finds themselves in the need for a competent attorney.

5 abdellah via

la creme de la creme of lawyers that how I give my review

5 S. Elaine Anderson via

Brian Freeman and his wife worked with my on my child support case and did a great job. They kept me informed every step of the way and made sure I understood where my case stood and the probable outcomes. Brian was able to secure a reasonable settlement for me and he made the entire process run smoothly and as expected. Brian has also counseled me on other legal matters and eased my fears about the legal process. I would recommend Brian and his firm very highly for anyone who is in need of legal counseling or representation.

5 Hamlet via

where do i start? For a father to win custody of his daughter i think everybody knows how hard that can be.Mr Freeman was always VERY honest, No sugarcoat (tell it how it is kinda guy).returns your calls ASAP.Keeps you up to date with whats going on with your case. His Staff is also great from the front dest to the paralegals.Did not cost an arm and a leg to retain. I’m sticking with Mr.Freeman for any legal issues going forward(i hope not many). If you’re in search of a GREAT attorney this is your guy.. Hats off… I got everything i was looking for and was told i could get in my case. there are a lot of lawyers out there but Only one Brian C. Freeman

5 anonymous via

I cannot even beginning to express our gratitude to Mr. Freeman. He represented my brother in a custody hearing today. We walked out with full custody today. Mr. Freeman knowledge and skills are amazing. My family will be eternally grateful for this fantastic attorney.

Highly recommend him.

5 TISHA via


5 Madison Gutier via

The thought of filing for divorce was very overwhelming for me. I had so many mixed feelings about the entire process that I almost let my ex-husband have everything just to get it done and over with. However, it wasn’t until I consulted with Mr. Freeman that I realized that I too had legal rights and was entitiled to what was rightfully mine. Mr. Freeman kept me up to date with my case every step of the way but what I appreciated the most was that Mr. Freeman himself would contact me with any updates. I found that to be very profound and professional, it showed he cared. Final outcome..PRICELESS!!!

5 Alexandra via

My experience with Mr. Freeman was great. He handled himself in a professional manner and was knowledgeable of the law pertaining to my case. He always kept me informed of my case. My end result we won!!!!!!

5 Eric via

I used this lawyer to prepare wills and power of attorneys for my wife and myself. We were very impressed by the service that we were provided and thought the office manager Deris was particularly very professional. If we ever have any need for a lawyer in the future we will be back.

5 Liliana via

Brian C. Freeman handled my case when I was trying to move from New Jersey to San Antonio, Texas. As you know if you are looking to relocate that this can be a difficult process. Brian was there every step of the way there were no surprises. Brian and Tanya helped build my case and where very knowledgeable. He always returned my calls in a timely manner and kept me informed with any information the court sent over. I can’t thank his office enough for helping my family not only relocate, but making a difficult time less stressful.

5 anonymous via

Liked him as soon as I met him. Recommended by a sister from church. Very patient, responds quickly, friendly, proffessional, reasonable, informative, guides you all the way, and very caring. It was very important to me that my lawyer be a beliver of Christ.
Everyone that I spoke with and/or saw was very professional. Glad to have met him and will go back if need a lawyer again.

5 Priya via

Brian and Tanya Freeman handled my divorce case in 2008. Their expertise, knowledge, responsiveness and professionalism helped me go through a painful time with ease, confidence and comfort. I was kept informed at every stage, and they helped bring the case to a quick resolution within 3 months. After having had painful interactions with a couple of other lawyers , Brian’s expertise and knowlegde gave me the confidence and peace of mind that I was looking for . I would recommend Brian Freeman anytime.

5 anonymous via

I wanted to write a few words about the excellent job that Brian did as my attorney. I had 4 point traffic ticket and Brian provided me with the 2 scenarios that I would work best as plea arrangements with the prosecutor. He answered all my questions in detail and was thorough in explaining all the points and fines (including surcharges) associated with each scenario. Once I had decided on which path to take, Brian spoke with the prosecutor and was able to further negotiate a 3rd option which further minimized my fines and points. I appreciated Brian’s candor and his clear and concise, yet thorough, explanations. Thanks Brian.

5 Omara via

Mr. Freeman is the best lawyer I have ever met. I was referred to him from a client of mine that had just used his firm to settle her divorce. I was extremly impressed on how attentive he was with his clients and decided to use him for my own divorce. He made the case run very smoothly. He was available at any moment to speak and was extremely helpful in answering all my questions and concerns. He explained the whole process step by step making me feel at ease at all times. His office manager, Deris was also extremely helpful and professional as well. When it came to the day of court, he made me feel at ease explaining exactly what was to hapen when we appeared in front of the judge. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Freeman to all my friends and family.

5 Ajeenah via

Mr. Freeman represented me on a very tough case. I was injured while traveling in a police vehicle to look for someone who assaulted me. Someone crashed into the rear passenger door of the police vehicle I was traveling in. Needless to say after arriving home from the hospital, I didn’t know what to do or where to begin. I searched for a lawyer and after several calls to different lawyers I met Mr. Freeman. He made an appointment to meet with me the same week in his office in Jersey City. I discussed the details of the accident with one of his paralegals and then immediately met with him. He then clarified a few of the details and basically told me that he’d take the case and handle everything else. I can’t believe that I didn’t have to do anything else except concentrate on healing. After a long and rigorous physical therapy, surgery, and more physical therapy my case was settled. The staff was very courteous, prompt, and kept communicating with me to give me status and advisement of anything that they may have needed from me or anyone else participating in my care. Mr. Freeman was very busy; however when I left him messages regarding concerns or questions that I had he always returned my calls a day or so. He never made me feel like I was a bother and always took the time to explain the legal process so that I could understand and for that I thank him. Lastly, Mr. Freeman was able to obtain the maximum compensation paid by the insurance company for my auto accident. It came at a great time and in a relatively shorter time than I expected. I would certain recommend this attorney to anyone and everyone that needs an attorney. I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again.

5 Vincent via

He especially helped me in a matrimony case. He and his staff worked together in heping me in resolving an issue with matrimony that was very stressful upon me causing me anxiety. After Mr. Freeman helped me through his law practice, I got extreme relief and found him to be a very valuable asset in my life. He also accepted my legal group insurance through the Postal Service and I admire him for his trustworthiness. He also handled my case in a very professional manner. I would recommend him to anyone.

5 Ebony via

Mr. Brian C. Freeman is the best attorney at law in the state of New Jersey. He settled my slip and fall case within ten months which included the time I attended physical therapy. Most importantly he always remains unflustered during frenzied periods of juggling your case along with his duties as a lawyer for The Township of Jersey City; not to mention Mr. Brian C. Freeman is the most caring and patient lawyer who’ve I ever come across after dealing with several lawyers for various reasons.

5 anonymous via

Mr. Friedman took my emergency phone call and gave me legal advice. He even asked me to call him back with the outcome. If it wasn’t for him, I would have probably had my son taken from me.

5 anonymous via

I was a client of Mr. Freeman’s twice. He handled my divorce, and he also handled a landlord/tenant dispute for me. I found him to be effective and empathetic – with a very quick turn-around and thorough knowledge of the details of the law for each case. I trust his advice. I consider him to be ‘my lawyer’ and although I hope I don’t need to turn to a lawyer for help again soon, I take comfort in knowing I can reach to Mr. Freeman and he’ll be there for me.

5 Carlo via

Based on the reviews that I read on this site, I hired Mr. Freeman to represent me in a tenant eviction case. I found Mr. Freeman to be knowledgeable, professional and pleasant to work with. Although, I was not able to get my problem tenant evicted; with Mr. Freeman’s help I was able to collect all past due rents and get her to sign a new lease with much stricter provisions including that she will be paying my attorney fees if she violates her lease. The following are some Pros and Cons.

• His office is located in close proximity to the Jersey City court house which made it easy for him to file paperwork on my behalf.
• He seems to have a good relationship with court personnel. When I was checking in for my case the court clerk asked me who was representing me, when I said Mr. Freeman he replied with a big smile, “Oh, Brian is representing you!”.
• I found his rates to be reasonable.
• He always returned my calls or emails in a reasonable time.
• I appreciated that he took the time to answer several questions even when the case was over and even when I had questions about a different tenant.
• The only con that I can think of was a draft lease that was sent to me from his office was filled with typos. However, the problem was quickly resolved and I had no further issues.

In short, I was very satisfied with Mr. Freeman and plan to use him in the future.

5 Tamara via

Brian and his team were nothing but the best… They keep you well informed and are very professional. If you want your case fairly treated, go with Brian Freeman. There isn’t another team like it in Jersey City!!! 🙂

5 Melissa via

I contacted Mr. Brian Freeman about a very serious real estate/landlord tenant issue where I (landlord) have a lot of money at
stake. He listened carefully to my situation.
I was upset and totally unclear about my legal rights and
options.He outlined a plan of action for me to take and ways he
could represent me. Because of the nature of this case, it will be ongoing. I now feel I have excellent legal representation.

Mr. Freeman has in depth knowledge of real estate landlord/tenant
law, which is why I need his services.
Now, I am prepared to face this challenge. He is a great lawyer to have on your side.

5 anonymous via

Above all, he was always responsive to my questions and got back to me with an answer by email right away. His assistant was on top of it, too. Because of his service, my divorce went very smoothly. No hustle. He offered a reasonable fee, too. You can count on an expedient, expert service.

5 Don via

I fully endorse the law offices of Brian C. Freeman. My first consultation was with Tanya Freeman. I walked away from that consultation with an overall sense of satisfaction. She laid it all out for me, let me know what the obstacles were, let me know what to expect and what would be needed by me to support my case. So from the very first interaction with Brian and his team I had faith that I had the strength, knowledge and professionalism behind me that I would need to win my case.

I can say from my perspective a big part of the fear was the fear of the unknown, but that was quickly dissolved as they walked me through the case long before we even set foot in the court, this way I didn’t feel like I was going into a battle, in fact the case was handled swiftly and to my satisfaction. I highly recommend the law offices of Brian Freeman, from top to bottom they are experts in their field.

5 anonymous via

I really had a good feeling when I first met Brian and retained him to represent me in my custody case. I felt confortable dealing with his staff and I was told about everything that was going on and where I stood on all the issues. I thank him for helping me to achieve my goal of protecting my son and taking the time to listen to me and all my concerns and fears. He did a really good job in court and I will be forever grateful.

5 Glenn via

Mr. Freeman made me feel extremely comfortable & knowledable regarding my case. I appreciate his dedication & zeal & will continue to highly recommend his services.

5 Mohit via

I went to Brian to discuss my case. He couldn’t take the case himself due to conflict of interest. However, he guided me to the correct attorney and I am glad I listened to him and hired the attorney recommended by him. She fought for me tooth and nail and I won the case. If I would have not met Brian then I would have not hired the right attorney. I am really thankful to him and would highly recommend him.

5 Jerry via

Freeman was referred to me by my cousin for case where I was being sued by a former tenant. I was scared that I would have a judgement aganist me but Freeman was able to get the case settled for almost nothing. I would recommend him to anybody who is in trouble.

5 nancy via

I’m so thankful to Brian he took care of my case, I got into an accident, I went to him to solve my issues, he fought for me with all fairness, I was so confident that my rights were protected, Brian is a lawyer with a good heart and I am very grateful, I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family. thank you Brian!

5 Maria V. Martinez via

I have known this attorney for decades. He is so savvy that he even answers his line personally, even on holidays. BCF demonstrates his genuine concern for your specific case. Great listener, then presto, with quick analytical thinking, his precise questioning, the case immediately moves to your advantage and pocket benefit. Attorney Freeman, the people’s lawyer, he’s got you covered. I highly recommend him. He will advise and guide you in this legal “twilight” realm, no doubt about it. Keep up the good work Brian.

5 Bill via

All lawyers are licensed, blah blah blah. You want to hire some one with two quilities, due diligent work ethic and extensive knowledge of there trade through experience. This is Brian Freeman. He handled a landlord tenant dispute for me and when my tenant found out that he was my attorney she just packed up and left the premises. He takes his time to explain the case to you and actually calls you back when you leave him a message. Like I said in my heading Stop looking Just hire Mr Freeman. You’ll be happy you did.

5 Liza via

Mr. Freeman has represented me twice within a 3 year period regarding my child custody case. As a single parent I was at ease with my decision to work with Mr. Freeman. He is very knowledge and straight forward. He and his staff are very attentive and provided answers to all of my questions with an immediate timeframe. He listened carefully to my concerns and hushed me a few times while in court. His main objective was to meet my needs as his client, keep me informed at all times and to ensure that the end results were in my favor. I met Mr. Freeman in 2007 and contacted him again in 2010. As I walked into his office he recalled my case immediately. I wasnt surprised that he remembered but it was confirmation that coming here a 2nd time was good decision.

5 John via

Mr. Freeman did a tremendous job for me on my most recent legal matter. His staff, receptionist and legal assistants treated me with respect and answered all my questions in a professional manor. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone.

John W.

5 Michael via

Mr. freeman has been our family laywer for several years and even-though his law frim has grown over the years, he still treats all of his clients no matter how big or small with the same respect and integrity. what mr. freeman knows he will tell you what he does’nt know he will point you in the right direction.

5 Darin via

Mr. Freeman is an excellent attorney. He was able to explain the details of my case in layman’s terms, which was very helpful to me. Even though my case is not a large case, he always attended to my needs with professionalism and patience. Mr. Freeman’s staff are courteous and well managed. On occassions, his paralegals were able to assists me on the spot with questions that I had pertaining to the case. I was surprised to know that they were briefed by him on the particulars of my case. I am very happy with the services that I have received from Mr. Freeman

5 Jacqui via

As an out-of-state client, Mr. Freeman is both professional and very responsive to my needs and requests. I am very pleased with the outcome of my current case as well as the former cases Mr. Freeman has represented me in over the last 7 years. I have also used other attorneys for other legal matters but they can’t compare to Mr. Freeman.

5 Tracey via

Mr. Freeman is an excellent lawyer and is very professional. After my car accident in late 2008, I was recommended to Brian by a family member and he didn’t disappoint me. Mr. Freeman is a great listener and communicator. Right from the start of my case, he listened to every one of my concerns (there were many) and kept me informed throughout the legal proceedings. Any questions that I had about the written correspondence, Brian answered! Anytime I called his office and left a message, Brian returned my phone call! And, anytime I had a problem with any other the medical providers, Brian resolved the problem.

Mr. Freeman is the real deal! He is an very profession, very knowledgeable, and most of all, a very compassionate lawyer who truly cares about his clients. I didn’t even live in NJ when I had my car accident, but stayed and retained the services of Mr. Freeman because a family member had such high praise for him. High praise for Brian is not an exaggeratition, he truly deserves it. I’ve been back in my home state for some time now, and Mr. Freeman still communicates with me. He is the one person who has restored my faith in lawyers and the legal system for that matter.

I will proudly used Brian Freeman for any legal matters that arise and do recommend him to everyone. If you want a lawyer that truly cares about you not just as a clients, but as a human being, Mr. Brian Freeman is the lawyer for you!

5 ruby via

I wanted to move to florida with my son, but had trouble with my son’s father being against the idea. Representing myself in court always left me with no hope in winning my case for relocation. But when I found Mr. Freeman, I no longer had any doubts. Mr. Freeman made me feel secure by assuring me I would infact be relocating to florida. In the end I won my case. I get to relocate to florida and provide a better life for my son, all thanks to Mr. Freeman. I couldn’t have chosen a better lawyer.

5 MIGUEL via

Mr. Freeman handled my divorce in 2008. He and his staff were always very professional and concerned about the best interest for me. Even though I was in Georgia at the time; he made arrangements for me to be represented without me being present. He facilitated the divorce process in many ways which relieved me of a lot of the stress that occurs due to a divorce. I contacted Mr. Freeman frequently and he would always return my calls or return my e-mails. Through time though; it was easier contacting him by e-mail. But regardless of which method I used I would always get a response. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my divorce and his representation.

5 Reynita via

Mr Freeman handles all cases for me with care and concern. It was never an issue as to what he could do. He was honest and fair about what the posiibilities and outcome would be. I trusted his judgement and was happy with the results.

5 Carlos via

I have had the privilege of having Mr. Freeman represent me in the past. I was so pleased with his service and intellect that he has become the exclusive legal representative for my family. I can assure you that you that his knowledge and understanding of the judicial system is outstanding! He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to a proper defense for his clients.
Mr. Freemans is an unusually perceptive and visionary individual who brings tremendous insight and understanding to the field of law. Most importantly, Brian’s amalgamation of skills comes “packaged” in a wonderfully friendly, sincere and caring human being. His personality is delightful. You will quickly learn that he is sensitive, flexible, respected and admired by peers and judges alike. He shines with a humility that belies his intellectual brilliance…quite simply; Brian is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met.

5 Ms. Robinson via

I would definitely recommend Brian C. Freeman for any of my legal needs. Very professional, informative, accurate and right to the point. BCF put it on the line, what he can do, how he going to do it and what do I expect when it is done. It was a very comfortable atmosphere and his staff was always very corporative and helpful with my concern and question. I was impressed with my case being held in a timely matter, up to the final date.

Again, if you want an experience lawyer with expert years of knowledge Brian C. Freeman is all the law you need.

5 Glennda via

Mr. Freeman is very professional and knowledgable attorney.
I have retained his services in the past for landlord -tenant matters and I will continue to do so in the future.

5 Frank Morrison via

Mr. Freeman has always carried himself as a man with integrity. He has advised me of my rights and guided me towards an end that would be best for me. with each counselling session, he has asked my opinion, and shared with me what his experience in simular cases yielded thus allowing me to participate in my own representation so if/when the desird outcome availed itself, I was already aware because of his preperation of me. I appreciate his counsel and honesty

5 Christina via

Mr. Freeman is a great lawyer. He was very knowledgeable about landlord/tenant laws, and was able to get me to stay in my apartment. I would definately use him again.

5 Saudy via

Mr Freeman handled my mother’s case with excellency. Although there was a language barrier my mother and I were very impressed and very well pleased with the way he and his staff handled the case. He is very knowledgeable, kept us informed and was very precise. The only regret that I personally have is that I could not thanked him for everything he has done for my mother and I in person. Mr Freeman is again an excellent attorney and will recommend him to anyone.

5 Enrique via

Brian Freeman , was very knowledgable , very professional worked very
close with me on my matter , he was very prepared and understood all
the legal ramifications associated with my case. Hours were very flexible
and made me feel very comfortable.

5 jenny via

Mr.Freeman took on two cases for me and if a third time would come about it would be Brian Freeman. I had peace of mind knowing that Mr.Freeman would address my issues and get a victory. I live in Florida so I needed a confident trustworth lawyer to get my legal issues resolved and not have to fly back and forth. Need A lawyer Brian Freeman to get the job done. thumbs up all the WAY

5 Dina P. via

Brian took my case in a short amount of time. He was able to help me tremendously with a family issue that I could not negotiate on my own. He is extremely professional. He was able to fully understand my case, sympathize with me, and gave me sound advice. I will most definitely recommend him to anyone; family, friend, co-workers, etc.

5 Kimberly via

He’s the best lawyer in the world to me i would never trade him in for another, as you see i never worked with anyone else because the frist time i was very very pleased with his work, i will call him for updates and he’ll call me if anything changes in my case, even now if i don’t have case in and i need legal advise i can call he anytime and he’s there for me.

5 Tiffaney via

My brother and husband were in a car accident last year and Mr. Freeman was great in handling the case. His negotiation tactics are incredible. If you want a lawyer that will fight for you, choose Brian Freeman.



5 David via

From the moment I walked into Brian Freeman’s office I felt like i could trust this man with my life. He was very responsive in court while fighting for my sons case. I was granted everything i wanted by the judge, and its strictly because of the work Mr. Freeman put in. I was able to get custody of my son, and all the visitation rights i wanted. I would recommend Brian Freeman to anyone who is in need of a lawyer.

5 Reyn via

Mr. Freeman did an outstanding job representing me on two different cases. I find Mr. Freeman to be a brilliant, knowledgeable, professional, reliable, and presentable lawyer. Aside from his profession, Mr. Freeman is known to be a great humanitarian and very family oriented. I have and I will continue recommending Mr. Freeman to all in need of a trustworthy and experienced lawyer.

5 Raymond Edwards via

Brian Freeman was patient and understanding. Any questions or concerns we had Mr. Freeman answered in a timely and professional manner. Thank You Mr Freeman.

5 Charisma via

While in courtroom lobby, in a long line waiting to speak to the prosecuting attorney for a traffic violation, I observed mr. Freeman assist a client and decided to ask for his card in hopes to use his services at a later date. Mr. Freeman gave of his knowledge and service free of charge and assisted me in resolving a legal matter I had very little hopes of overcoming and without his expert advice would have surely endured long term and lasting financial burdens in the months and years to come
In my opinion, Mr. Freeman is not only an experienced and capable lawyer, but also a humanitarian and a gentleman.

5 George via

this is my second time using Brian, and once again he prove to me why he is the family lawyer. any problem call Brian and he and staff will help and talk to you during your legal problem. no more being left in the dark from amateur lawyers. you want results then call him.

5 jasime pinet via

great lawyer! took care of my child custudy issues, all i can say is excellent!

5 Maria via

I had an auto accident that Mr. Freeman handled for me and i was very satisfied. His office kept me well informed of the process every step of the way and I was always up to date. My case was settled for more than I expected. I would highly recommend the services of Brian C. Freeman to any of my friends or relatives.

5 anonymous via

Brian Freeman is one of the most knowledgable, trustworthy, competent lawyers in New Jersey. He handled my landlord-tenant case with efficiency and with favorable results. He was easily reachable whenever I needed to speak to him. He has one of the hardest working staff that are quick to respond to your every need. He was upfront and honest from the first time I met him, and always kept me informed of every detail of my case. I had an extremely positive and pleasant experience using his services and most definitely will use him as my lawyer again if necessary.



5 anonymous via

Brian represented me in Jan. ’09 during child support hearings. He did an amazing job for me and got the better results than I ever anticipated. And heres the kicker, he did it for HALF THE PRICE that 2 others lawyers quoted me. Just amazing. I will be using him again. And I recommend him to all.

5 Rafael via

I met Brian one evening in night court in Jersey City, I was so impressed by the way he was handling his clients cases that I hired him on the spot. He got my speeding ticket reduced to a slap in the hand. I then used him on several land lord tenant issues that he has also won in my favor. I strongly and faithfully recommend Brian Freeman.

5 Carlos via

Brian was my first attorney and worked on my divorce. I am so satisfied with Brian’s work, professionalism, and knowledge that I continue to use him for my legal matters. I don’t know about anything else, but I do know that Brian C. Freeman knows his laws and that there is no one better than Brian C. Freeman as a lawyer.
Brian worked on my divorce and got me a reasonable child support payment, and dissolution of assets. He is upfront with you and will not make false promises. He will tell you exactly where you stand and what to expect from your case. He will tell you what you need to do to come out a winner. Brian always responds to me in a timely manner and won’t keep me waiting for his response and/or needed information. He also fights to get you the best deal possible. Brian C. Freeman was able to save me alimony payments which I don’t have to make, and that in its self is a great win, a great job, and a great saving for me. Brian was also abIe to include in my settlement that I claim my daughter in my taxes every odd year. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone. Brian C. Freeman is a great attorney who is very attentive, aggressive, and just the type of attorney you want in your corner for your legal matters.

5 Roxanna via

I have used Brian in various cases. My first case was with some summons in which he represented me and got me off with no points. Ever since I have used Brain for lawsuits, Pre-nup agreement, Tenant/Landlord issues, Vendor issues and even my will. I have refered him to everyone in my family as well my dad and unty have used his servces. He is the only person I will deal with and proudly call my lawyer. He is very professional and not like other lawyers he contacts you directly. He provides nothing less than the upmost professionalism and service.

5 Tonya via

I was initially introduced to Mr. Freeman by way of my former significant other approximately seven years ago. Mr. Freeman has since represented my mother and me on a real estate issue in 2006; both my mother and I were very pleased with his attentiveness and professionalism. One year ago, I sought consult from Mr. Freeman on my child support case and once again I was very pleased – mostly on his responsiveness and accessiblity. Though my case was resolved without Mr. Freeman being required to accompany me to court, the consultation I had received from him better prepared me for the case and resulted in a judgment in my faveor. I will continue to recommend family and friends.

5 Sorry via

I have used Mr. Freeman on numerous occasions. He handled each case with knowledge, class and confidence. I highly recommend using him.

5 Ms. Vann via

I know and trust Attorney Brian C. Freeman for both his professional competence and his impeccable integrity in landlord-tenant law. As a landlord myself, I understand the importance of affordable legal assistance with non-paying tenants. Dealing with non-paying tenants can be, and most often is, very emotionally stressful, time consuming and costly. Mr. Freeman has represented me on several cases with evicting tenants for breach of contract and/or defaulting on rent. In addition, he has drafted leases and I have obtained professional advice from him and his staff. I know Mr. Freeman is of the highest quality, reliable and knowledgeable in many areas of landlord-tenant law. Mr. Freeman and his staff are top quality people who can get the job done and, legally, represent his client to the fullest extent. His extensive understanding on landlord-tenant law has helped me avoid future problems.

I am confident that his professionalism, work ethic and willingness to provide competent representation would make him a great choice for your legal needs. Mr. Freeman has been a great asset for me and, given the opportunity, I am sure he can be the same for you.

5 Sybil via

Brian Freeman has been my attorney for over 8 years. I’ve hired Brian for criminal defense, child custody and landlord tenant court. He hasn’t lost a case yet!. He’s very knowledgeable, trustworthy and he knows his way around a court room.He comes highly recommended.


Brian, represented me in my divorce. I was very satisfied with the outcome of the divorce. He has also represented me on numerous summonses and was able to dismiss some of the charges.

I know I will continue to obtain his services, if I I’m ever in need of Legal Services.


James Santiago

5 Everett via

I have hired Brian C. Freeman numerous times over the years. He is an honest and efficient lawyer who works for you and has a professional yet down-to-earth staff.

5 Ken via

I was told “if you need a divorce attorney in New Jersey, there’s nobody better than Brian C. Freeman” and it was true.
Brian worked on my first divorce and got me out of a situation to which my support payments, and dissolution of assets were half of what I thought they would be. He protected my investments and ocustrated terms in which I ended up paying no alimony even after a decade of marriage to which I was by far the majority financial contributor, Wow I would hate to be the opposing attorney going against this guy.
Brian is the very best you can get! He is straight forward and doesn’t promise what he can’t deliver. He will tell you exactly where you stand and what to expect. When he says you need to do something, take his word for it and follow his instructions. I did, even though I wasn’t sure, and it paid off big time, so much that I used him for my second divorce eight years later and got the same results. Brian always responds in a timely manner, he won’t leave you waiting for information. He put my ex’s lawyer to shame in the fact that he knew what he was doing, what he was talking about, what the law says, and how to get the best deal possible. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone, just as he was recommended to me. I have thanked my coworker who was the director of HR for my company repeatedly for recommending Brian to me.
Brian C. Freeman he is a superb attorney who is attentive to detail, aggressive, well connected, just the type of attorney you need if you are in trouble and/or need legal advice.

5 Jorge via

Brian Freeman has been our family attorney for many years. He is courteous and gives his full attention in my matters. Among other things, I did the closing of my first house with his firm. He has a professional, dedicated and warm staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Freeman to anyone who requires legal advice

5 Kenneth via

Brian Freeman has been an excellent lawyer in representing me over the years. He has been a very responsive and knowledgeable attorney in all matters concerning cases that he has handled for me. Not only is he a excellent attorney but someone I would recommend to others who is seeking a person of integrity, knowledge and great and friendly personality that allows one to communicate with him

5 Charles via

I have known Brian Freeman for over 30 years. I currently reside in Royal Oak Michigan. I engaged the law offices of Brian Freeman to assist me with a very complicated matrimonial matter, involving custody, child support obligation and accounting. Although I was out of state, he handled my case with “personal touch” He did not miss a beat….very thorough and detailed in his approach. I would recommend with any reservation.

5 Winston Thomas via

Three years ago I was experiencing difficulties in a child custody case and upon reccomendation by a friend, I pursued the services of legal counsel Bryan C. Freeman, of the law offices Freeman & Freeman in Jersey City N.J.
His professionalism and expertise gave me immediate assurance and confort to an uneasy situation. Mr. Freeman worked tirelessly advocating for my rights that I am forever indebted to him for this.
Today more than ever we need lawyers who are committed to their clients. I wish continued success Mr. Freeman. I do Thank You

5 John via

I have known Mr. Freeman for over 30 years and have had the opportunity to use him for different matters several times. Each issue was handled promptly and professionally. The outcome was very positive to me. I would recommend Brian for all you legal matters.

5 Barbara via

I strongly recommend the legal services of Brian C. Freeman. Our family has used Mr. Freeman as our attorney for many years and will continue to because we feel he and his staff have always given us their personal attention. They keep us informed of all aspects of any matter he is working on. Mr. Freeman’s knowledge of the law and his professional ethics are suberb. Myself and my family have always felt very confident of his ability to get us the best results possible. I have referred Mr. Freeman to many of my friends who have also found him to be trustworthy and responsive to their needs.

5 Tony via

A great attorney who kept me well informed about my case.

5 anonymous via

Mr. Freeman, in my opinion is the best attorney in the field of Personal Injury. When I first came to his office for a consultation, he made me feel that some attorneys like him do care. He explained the process about my P/I matter and answered all questions. Since that date, I have been using Mr. Freeman, for any legal matters and recommending. Till to date he has not let me down. Also, I can assure he is one of the best in the following fields, Family Matters, Workers Compensation, Traffic Violations ect. And this, I can assured all as I have recommended many friends and they are all satisfied with the work Mr. Freeman have done in their cases.

5 Winston via

I have had Brian Freeman a my lawyer for the past 12 years. He always represents his client vigorously within the confines of the law. He has a very personable character. He is a family man and over the years we have grown to develop great respect for one another. He is the only lawyer I intend to use as long as I live in a state that he is licensed to practice.

5 Rodney via

I have used Mr. Freeman on 2 occasions. The first was a traffice ticket that involved several moving violations and jeopardized my driver’s license. His fees were surprisely reasonable and he vigorously represented me resulting in 2 tickets getting dismissed w/ a payment of a small fine on the last ticket. Most importantly, my driver’s licensed was saved.

I also used Mr. Freeman in my recent divorce. It was a bitter divorce and my ex-wife was using every tactic she could to get all my money and prevent me from seeing my children. Again, Mr. Freeman vigorously represented me. I was very satisfied with the distribution of our assets and despite my ex-wife’s lies and deceit during this whole divorce, I was very happy to receive full custody privileges with my children.

Also, I want to give my thanks to Mr. Freemans office staff who were always very responsive and gracious to work with.

5 Brian W. Plainfield, NJ via

Brian C. Freeman has assisted me with my legal needs for over 20 years in a highly competent and professional manner. He has represented me for landlord/tenant, home purchase/refinance, and traffic violation cases with skill and integrity. I have recommended Mr. Freeman to many of my friends, relatives and colleagues. Being customer focused, he is easy to work with and is an attorney you can depend on.