New Jersey Divorce Lawyers / New Jersey Child Custody Attorney Discusses a Non-Custodial Parent Not Allowing Child to Travel

New Jersey Child Custody Attorney Discusses a Non-Custodial Parent Not Allowing Child to Travel

Many times I am asked as a New Jersey Child Custody Attorney, what can be done if a non-custodial parent is restricting them from taking their children on vacation out of state or out of the country.

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  • You must go to court and file a motion.
  • You will have to advise the court the reasons you are request to take the children out of the area.

Are you wanting to go on vacation, but the non-custodial parent is now allowing them to travel?  Contact experienced New Jersey Child Custody Attorney Brian Freeman to fight for you.

This educational video was brought to you by Brian Freeman, an experienced New Jersey Child Custody Attorney.

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