New Jersey Divorce Attorney Discusses Responding to Divorce Papers

As an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney, I often hear from clients who were just served with divorce papers and are unsure how to respond. I advise clients to immediately consult with an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney.

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These are time sensitive matters and you only have a certain amount of time to file an answer and counterclaim.The typical time-frame is about 35 days from the time you’ve been served. DO NOT DELAY! 

If there are children involved, in order to protect your rights in regards to custody, child support, assets, and other issues, it’s imperative that you not sit on your rights. It is very important to take prompt action to retain an attorney to represent you.

Have you just received divorce papers and are unsure how to respond?  Contact experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney Brian Freeman for experienced and dedicated representation.

This educational video was brought to you by Brian Freeman, an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney.

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