Serving Divorce Papers

Serving a Spouse with Divorce Papers

In this video, Attorney Brian Freeman discusses how process of serving divorce papers to your spouse.  Contact one of our experienced divorce lawyers in Jersey City to guide you through the process.

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A few factors must be considered when serving your spouse with a divorce summons and complaint. If yours is a friendly divorce and it’s simply a matter of having the spouse who will be the defendant acknowledge receipt, they can sign an acknowledgment of service of the complaint upon them, and that acknowledgement could then be filed with the court to show that they were, in fact, served.

If the spouse will not sign an acknowledgment of service, or if you simply don’t know where the spouse is – or if the spouse adamantly refuses to accept service – you’ll have to enlist the services of a process server. The process server can serve the spouse either at their home or where they work. If you know that your spouse will be at a gym or other specific place at certain times, you can arrange for the process server to wait for them there and actually serve them with the complaint.