Written vs. Verbal Lease Agreements

What are the Differences Between a Written Lease Agreement and a Verbal Lease Agreement?

In this video, Attorney Brian Freeman discusses the differences between a written lease agreement and a verbal lease agreement. Contact one of our experienced landlord tenant lawyers in Jersey City to help you through the process.

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Obviously, verbal agreements are those agreements that are not in writing – and they are virtually unenforceable in a Landlord-Tenant Court, except for the payment of rent because you can generally substantiate the payment of rent by keeping written receipts, showing the manner in which the payment is made. Without a written lease, the landlord is going to have serious difficulties trying to evict a tenant for other violations – at least what the landlord deems to be violation of the tenancy.

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Out of Town Legal Resources

We had a call the other day from a landlord who had questions about leases in New York. We practice in New Jersey, but we found these landlord tenant lawyers in Buffalo, NY that did a really nice job with their online guides and videos. If you or someone you know has questions about lease agreements in New York, take a look at their online landlord tenant resource page.