How To Keep Divorce Expenses Low

Are you or a loved one going through the divorce process? Learn how to keep divorce expenses low in this video, then call our attorneys today.

One of the first things parties who come to me are concerned about is the cost of getting divorced. They ask, “How much can I expect to pay out during the course of the divorce?” My short answer is, “That depends.” If you’re the kind of person who needs to constantly call your attorney, it will cost more. If your attorney is doing all of the leg work in gathering your documentation, such as your bank records, tax statements, and a lot of the papers that most people can obtain for themselves, it will cost more.

You’ll be paying for your attorney’s services based on an hourly rate. If you’re constantly in contact with your attorney – and you certainly should feel that you can call your attorney at any time – you must understand that there’s a cost. When your attorney is speaking with you, he’s not doing work for other clients. As a result, that attorney rightly expects to be compensated for his time. Keeping your questions succinct and to the point will certainly lessen the amount of time you need to speak to your attorney and will enable him to answer you more directly. That will, in turn, save you both time and money.

In this video, Attorney Brian Freeman explains how you can keep your divorce expenses as low as possible.  Contact one of our experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyers to guide you through the process.

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