Prenuptial Advice in New Jersey

Prenuptial agreements can be beneficial for many relationships. Here is some prenuptial advice from our experienced New Jersey attorney. Contact our office today to schedule a free case review.

Prenuptial Advice in New Jersey | Prenup Agreements

In New Jersey, when you’re formulating a prenuptial agreement, and if you’re the party that has the assets and the greater wealth, you may want one to say that retirement assets would not be subject to equitable distribution in the event of a divorce. You may determine a specific amount of alimony that would be paid out, which may reflect the length of the marriage. In other words, the shorter the marriage, the less alimony; the longer the marriage, more alimony. Child support would not be a part of a prenuptial agreement. You can’t bring child support into it because child support is the right of the child, not of either party who would be signing a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial Advice in New Jersey | Getting a Prenup Prior to Marriage

In New Jersey, prenuptial agreements have grown in popularity because that predetermines what would happen in the event of a dissolution of the marriage if you get divorced. Whether you should have a prenuptial agreement or not greatly, in my opinion, depends on the difference in assets that the parties are going to have when they come into the marriage. If one has a much greater income and much more assets, one would probably want to have a prenuptial agreement to protect those assets and their earning ability so that they would not be subject to equitable distribution.

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Prenuptial Advice in New Jersey | Changing an MSA or Consent Order

In New Jersey, where one has already entered into either a prenuptial agreement or a post marital agreement and they want to change the terms of that agreement, generally the spouse’s consent is required to do that. The spouses can attempt to negotiate a new agreement. For that, you would certainly need the assistance of an experienced attorney.

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