Pretrial Discovery in New Jersey

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Pretrial Discovery in New Jersey

“Discovery” is a procedural device employed by a party to a civil or criminal suit, prior to trial, that requires the adverse party to disclose information that is essential for the preparation of the requesting party’s case and that the adverse party alone knows or possesses. Discovery tends to encourage the settlement of a lawsuit prior to trial by providing the litigants with the opportunity to realistically evaluate the facts of their suit.

Generally, discovery is obtained either by a court order, or by serving the adverse party with a notice to examine, which is prepared by the applicant’s attorney. With the exception of discovery in family actions, parties may obtain discovery by: oral or written depositions, production of documents or things, physical and mental examination, permission to enter upon land or other property, and requests for admissions. Unless ordered otherwise by the court, the frequency of these requests is not limited.

However, the court is responsible for preventing unreasonable investigation into a litigant’s affairs and will deny discovery if the request is intended to embarrass, annoy, oppress, or injure the parties or the witnesses who will be subject to it. While the court will not grant discovery requests to parties who are using it in bad faith, or as a fishing expedition to determine if they have enough to bring a certain action, or to develop a defense, public policy generally considers it desirable to give the parties access to non-protected material facts that will assist in the legal process.

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