Jersey City Child Custody Attorney

Jersey City Child Custody Attorney

Making child custody and visitation arrangements is perhaps the most emotional part of divorce proceedings. At the Freeman Law Center, LLC, our divorce lawyers care for our clients and their concerns while fighting hard in child custody battles. We will always concentrate on serving your children’s best interests.

For clients throughout northern New Jersey, our child custody attorneys offer free initial consultations. We can help with the wide range of issues that come up in legal custody and child visitation disputes, including:

  • Joint legal custody
  • Sole legal custody
  • Residential custody
  • Shared parenting, parenting schedules, and other divisions of parenting time
  • Modifications to existing orders
  • Grandparent rights: grandparent visitation, etc.

Our founder and head lawyer, Brian Freeman, has spent more than 30 years helping thousands of people through complex family law issues. He has a comprehensive understanding of parents’ and children’s rights when fighting for child custody, and always makes sure his clients are well-informed.

We are a small law firm, with big firm experience, expertise and resources that can give each client personal attention, making sure they can reach a lawyer when they need one. But we also have the experience and skill to handle any case, taking your case to courts throughout New Jersey and vigorously defending your legal rights.

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To sign up for a free case evaluation, or to learn about your child custody rights, contact our northern New Jersey child custody attorneys today. For your convenience, we accept credit cards and offer evening and weekend appointments. Freeman Law Center, LLC is fully staffed with bilingual paralegals that are ready to assist you through every step of your case.