Jersey City Parental Relocation Attorney

Jersey City Parental Relocation Attorney

It’s a fact of life — lives change. People get new jobs. Ex-spouses remarry. Children grow up. Parents move.

When a divorced parent wishes to move out of the state or country with his or her child, the issue becomes a complicated legal matter. Whether you are a parent who wishes to move and take your child with you, or your child’s mother or father is planning on moving and taking your child with them, contact Freeman Law Center, LLC.

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The Process

Our attorneys understand that children benefit from having close relationships with both parents. We help parents dealing with relocation, while working towards an arrangement that ultimately benefits the child.

For a child move-away or parental relocation to be granted, there has to be a compelling reason. If a parent wants to leave New Jersey, they must petition to the court to move out of state. If the court grants permission, the other parent now has the opportunity to object. Both parents have to agree to the terms of the relocation.

What is Considered?

Many issues are considered when making legal decisions about parental relocation, including:

  • whether the parent has a compelling reason to move (for example, remarrying, new job, military duties, etc.)
  • how the move will affect the child or children’s education
  • how the move will affect the child’s relationship with other parent and family members

If the non-custodial parent is objecting to the move, the courts will consider his or her reasoning. All decisions about the relocation are made in the best interests of the child. Therefore, the courts pay special attention to the relationship of the parents, and whether this is affecting the decision to object to the move.

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